Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meow Cosmetics Blush in A Lick and a Promise (from the Lush Blush Collection) Review and Swatches

Because I can never have too many blush samples (or so one would be led to believe), here's another Meow blush for your consideration.  This is from their Lush Blush collection, which they describe as being their "premium line of mineral blushes, featuring a creamy texture and dewy sheen".  I picked A Lick and a Promise to try, which is described as a "cherry/rose", but the lilac shimmer makes it look quite cool in the swatch.
A Lick and a Promise
When worn, it's much warmer than that swatch above would suggest; the process of blending mutes the lilac shimmer and brings out the warmer, redder base, seen here:
Quite strange, really.

It's less pigmented and cooler than Risque and Bel Air, and is a cooler, pinker counterpart to Racy.  I can't really tell any difference in formula from the other blushes I've tried, but it blends well and lasts all day.  If you're wanting a shimmery, light pinky lilac, ALaaP could be just the ticket.

$9.25 for 2 g, $16.25 for 4 g, $1 for sample baggie, available from Meow

Price: 8 (see my review of Racy for rationale)
Value: 9.5
Quality: 9.5
Ease of Use: 4
Pigmentation: 5
Duration: 5
Consistency: 5
Grade: A-

This is a color I'll be reaching for more in the wintertime, when I'm paler and cooler and not going for more of a sun-kissed look (which, for me, is attempting to look like I've seen the sun in the past few days).  If you lightly brush it on, you get a lilacy cool pink, but if you blend it or use a stiffer blush brush, you get a matter, warmer blush.  Weird, but cool!
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