Saturday, August 13, 2011

theBalm Special Edition Lip Gloss Review and Swatches

The final review for the Balmbini palette has arrived!  Took me long enough, sheesh.  The last piece of the puzzle is a lip gloss, Special Edition.  theBalm has two lines of lip gloss: a plumping gloss, Plump Your Pucker, which is $15 for 0.25 oz (though most of the shades are on All Cosmetics Wholesale right now for $7.99), and a gloss with SPF, Balm Shelter SPF 17 Tinted Gloss, $19 for 0.19 oz (also on ACW for $7.99).  There's no indication about which type Special Edition is, since it's not a color that's present in either of the lines (Special Edition is special edition, WOW).  So this is probably another review I should not do separately, but I'm a stickler for continuity, so I'm going to review it in full anyways, even though you can't buy it on its own.  I'm sorry!  I've read many reviews for their other glosses (I was thinking about ordering some from ACW, but have so far managed to convince myself it's not worth the money), and they're overwhelmingly positive, so if you're wanting to try a new gloss, it seems like theBalm is a good bet (you just can't get this particular color, though there are others that seem similar: Girly Girl, from the Balm Shelter SPF 17 line, and Water My Melon, from the Plump My Pucker line).
Special Edition gloss, on the right
In the pot, Special Edition looks like a peachy-orange (or orangey-peach?), but when worn, it's very sheer, almost clear.
Special Edition in sunlight
Special Edition outside under clouds (it was supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny here today, but noooo, it decided it would rather be 65 and cloudy.  Eugene weather is weird)
It's quite glossy, and when worn atop Wanted, gives a glam shiny red lip.
Special Edition over Wanted (a rather sheer layer of the latter)

Special Edition smells exactly like caramel kettle corn, and the smell lingers as long as the gloss (awesome for me, because caramel kettle corn is amazing, but if you don't like scented products, this wouldn't be so great).  You have to use either a lip brush or a finger to apply, since it's in a flat pan, which can be irritating (especially if you're germaphobic; I'm not, but it's a concern for some).  It lasts a decent amount of time before fading, upwards of half an hour, and I tend to eat gloss like mad.  It's not very sticky, and feels quite nice on, but the lack of pigmentation (it's probably supposed to just be shine, but that's not something I go for) coupled with my dislike of gloss in general means this isn't something I find myself reaching for.

I can see why they included it in the palette, though; it's a nice neutral gloss that will flatter everyone, and it ups the amp on Wanted when worn with it.  It's definitely not a color I would choose for myself, but as far as quality of product goes, I can't really complain.

Since you can't buy this gloss on its own, and I don't know which gloss line it's supposed to belong to, I'm not going to give it a grade (I considered it, but decided it would require too much bullshitting on my part, and even I have standards).  I will, however, be factoring it in for the palette score, so you can look at that when I get it posted.  I hope you can forgive me!

What do you think of Special Edition?  Do you like colorless gloss?  Comments give lips a glossy shine!
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