Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wet N Wild Wild Shine Nail Polish in Black Creme Review and Swatches

Black polish is one of those things I never thought I would want to try.  It's so vampy and goth, and I'm so...not.  But I read reviews for sparkly polishes that said wearing them over black polish shows off the shine and shimmer best, so I decided to get a bottle of the $0.99 Wet N Wild black polish to try layering with.
My initial thoughts: Oh my God so smooth so pigmented so rich so LOVELY.  I was able to get completely opaque coverage in 2 coats, and I think someone who's better at nail polish application than I am could do it in 1.  It's so dark and inky (I mean, yes, it's black, so duh) and spreads beautifully.  It's the easiest nail polish to work with that I've encountered.  Who knew black polish would be so hassle-free?
Black Creme, one heavy layer on Scotch tape in sunlight

I topped it with 2 coats of Essence's Space Queen (sparkly pale pink) on my toes, and was amazed at how the black base made the different colors of sparkle really evident.  The blackness did mean that the pale pinkness of the sparkle polish was lost, but I think a more pigmented sparkle on top would probably stand up to the black more (there'll be lots of pictures with this to come!).  Regardless, I wanted sparkle, and the black was the perfect backdrop for it.  With base and top coats, it lasted a week on toes with no chipping or tip wear (at least, as far as I could see).

So.  If you're looking for a polish with which to layer other more exciting colors, Wet N Wild's Black Creme is an excellent choice.  It's also great for those times when you're feeling emo and really want to rock black nails (not my thing, but more power to you!).

Many of the future posts in the nail polish series will have Black Creme as the bottom layer(s) to show off sparkle better, so keep an eye out for its cameo appearances!

$0.99 for 0.43 oz, available at drugstores/where Wet N Wild is sold (and, during August, all Wild Shine polishes are only $0.69 at Rite Aid!)

Price: 10
Value: 10 (for less than $1, there's little that could bring this score down, but the perfect performance and normal size of polish [rather than mini] makes this truly a steal)
Quality: 10
Ease of Use: 5
Pigmentation: 5
Duration: 5
Consistency: 5
Grade: A+

Have you tried Black Creme?  Do you have a favorite black polish?
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