Sunday, August 7, 2011

mark. I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow in Royal Peacock Review and Swatches

Finishing off my Mark eyeshadows is the lovely Royal Peacock, a richly pigmented dark teal.  This is truly the standout of the palette, even though it's the one I've used the least.  Read on for why!
Retro Peacock, second from the right
The Peacock (as it's called in the 'burbs) is really intensely pigmented.  Like, impressively so.  Therein lies its strength, and its weakness.
Royal Peacock applied over primer (top) and bare skin (bottom)
It's smoother than the other Mark shadows I have, though it also applies a bit sheer and chalky when not used over primer.  I can't really pull off bright and bold eyes (just don't feel comfortable with them, and I lack the skills to create a flawlessly blended eye), but in the interest of seeing how this color worked on the lid, I tried.  My thoughts?  Super pigmented.  I blended/topped it with Silk Teddy (the shimmery light peach/pink from the Too Faced palette) to tone it down to something closer to my comfort level, but it was still too much color for me.  However, it makes for a lovely liner (much like Night Owl), and brings out the green-blue notes in my eyes.  I think it's a great color for summer, and goes wonderfully with coral or peach blush and lipstick/gloss.  For someone who likes brightly pigmented eyeshadows, RP (its other nickname in suburbia) would be a lovely addition to the collection!

Since I pretty much just use it as an eyeliner (and nowhere near every day), I'm pretty sure this will last me until I'm senile(r), since it's so pigment-packed and generously sized (0.08 oz, versus the standard 0.05).  If this kind of color appeals to you, it's a really good deal––not just in terms of price or amount, but also because it's a good quality shadow.

$5 for 0.08 oz, available from Mark

Price: 8
Value: 9.5
Quality: 8.75
Ease of Use: 3.75 (okay, this is really just a me problem––I find it hard to work with because bright colors aren't my thing.  If you're comfortable with them, though, the shadow is actually very easy to work with: smooth and pretty soft and blendable) (herein lies the problem with the Ease of Use category: I have certain limitations [blindness when applying eyeshadow, for example] which hamper my experience, but many of you don't have that problem...what's a blogger to do?  Input is appreciated!)
Pigmentation: 5
Duration: 5
Consistency: 4.5
Packaging: -1
Grade: B

What do you think of Royal Peacock?  How would you wear it?  Comments make the ground bouncy!  (Am I the only one who wished that the ground were a trampoline as a child?  I still think that would be awesome.)
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