Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Suave Captivating Curls Mousse Review and Pictures

I have longish, curly, tangle-prone hair, that manages to be both fine and full-bodied.
Some of the bigger curls, sorry for the blurriness; I couldn't see the back of my head...
It tends to frizz, and because it's so fine, it is easily weighed down by heavy styling products.  In the cold, dry winters in Philadelphia, it would often lose most of its curl, whereas in the humid summers, it was as big and bouncy as could be.  I've tried a lot of mousses, leave-in conditioners, and curl sprays to varying degrees of success, but before going to Germany, none had come close to HG status.  When in Berlin, I tried out some curl mousse from Garnier, Locken und Glanz Power ("curl and shine power").  It was awesome.  I loved it.  Perfect curls, every day, no crunch, no stiffness, no weird film.  Of course, the utopia had to end.  I failed to get a backup canister (or 5) before I left, but figured the Garnier curl mousse here in the States would be the same thing.  Now, what do we always hear about assuming things?  It makes and ass out of you and me and my hair.  The stuff here was not the same; it made my hair crunchy and would flake off if I tried to manipulate my hair in any way.  Gar nicht gut ("so not good").

Suave Captivating Curls mousse, in shade
But my sadness and stiff, limp curls came to an end this spring with the arrival of a new mousse from Suave.  At a mere $2.49, I wasn't sure how it would work out, but a couple of positive reviews on MUA convinced me to try.  It's incredibly dense foam, so you need much less of it than you'd think.  The picture below is an amount from holding down the nozzle for less than a second, and it's more than enough for my whole head:
In shade, mousse not actually blue
And here it is spread out, a good 20 seconds after initial spray; you can see it's still really dense and doesn't liquify out like many other mousses:
In sunlight, but still looks a bit blue...I'm guessing this is a reflection from the sky
It's not quite as awesome as the German mousse was, since it's easy to use too much and weight my hair down.  However, the fact that I don't have to fly around the world to get it vaults it into first place for my affections.  I'll definitely pick up a few Garniers the next time I go to Germany, but until then, the Suave is near enough to HG to suit me fine!

Available for ~$3 at drugstores and Amazon: Suave Professionals Mousse, Captivating Curls, Whipped Cream Mousse, 7-Ounce

Have you used any of Suave's new hair products?  What did you think?
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