Monday, August 22, 2011

Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Body Butter Review and Pictures

Body butter is, meiner Meinung nach, one of life's little luxuries.  It's not something I use all the time (though I try to use it after shaving, because otherwise my legs tend to get dry and itchy), but every time I do, I feel pampered.  Body butter that I didn't have to pay for myself is even better, and that is the case with today's post!
My mother gave me this body butter a long while ago (last fall, I think?), and I have used it when I've been home since then.
It really is yellow, but that absorbs into your skin and becomes invisible
It smells unbelievable, so warm and floral and tropical (I really suck at describing fragrance, can you tell?), and the butter itself is very light and fluffy.  
Tahitian Gardenia body butter on my pinkie
I wiped most of the amount from the pinkie picture above back into the jar, and this is just what I couldn't get off; I hope you can see how spreadable it is!

It spreads really easily and absorbs pretty quickly, though I do tend to let it soak in for a few minutes before I get dressed.  It moisturizes wonderfully, and the best part?  The smell lasts all day.  So delicious.  I have been known to make my family smell my legs on the days I wear this because it just seems wrong to hog the joy.  It comes in a plastic jar with a metallic plastic lid; nothing too fancy, but it doesn't feel cheap or flimsy, either, and it's kept "fresh" for many moons now.  It's a lovely product, and I would buy it for myself (after I try out some of the bazillion other scents and kinds of body butter out there, of course, and maybe try my hand at making some at home!).

Buying info: $18 for 8 oz in jar or tube, available from Sephora, Pacifica,, and Amazon

Do you use body butter?  Have you tried any from Pacifica?  Comments make skin smooth and softly scented!
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