Saturday, August 27, 2011

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeep Conditioner Review and Pictures

My hair tangles like mad in the shower.  By which I mean, it tangles like I've made it really mad and it wants to get me back.  It's a problem.  On days when this is particularly irksome, or when my hair has been feeling dry and grouchy, I reach for Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeep Conditioner, that most beloved of cheap deep conditioners.
It comes in a funky squeeze tube with a strange leak-proof opening (picture below because I suck at descriptions).  It's very creamy and emollient, but not too thick, so it spreads really easily through my tangles.
It smells like coconut, which I love, but may be irritating if you don't like fragranced products.  I only need a little bit to detangle my whole head (about twice the amount pictured above, which for me is a little bit!), and I let it sit in my hair while I do my stuff.  It leaves a light film of conditioner on after being rinsed off, which works wonderfully for preventing frizz.  I am also pleased to report that it doesn't weigh my hair down (unless I accidentally use too much), and my curls don't suffer for the deep treatment.  My mother likes it too, and says it helps fight off frizz on the days she doesn't wash her hair as well (I do mine everyday, and yes, I know I shouldn't, but that's one thing I refuse to mess with right now).  It's $2.99 at Target (marginally more at other drugstores) for 8 oz, which is less than the typical conditioner, but this is no "typical" conditioner.  I find I go through a bottle of this at the same rate as I go through a bottle of normal conditioner (which is 50% larger) because I need to use so much less for full conditioning effect.  I have used this as my only conditioner, and it was not too heavy for everyday use, but if you don't have really uncooperative hair like me, you may want to only use it a couple of times a week.
~$3 for 8 oz, available at drugstores

Have you tried 3 Minute Miracle?  What did you think?
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