Monday, August 1, 2011

Meow Cosmetics Blush Comparison Post

I've finally reviewed and swatched all of my Meow blushes!  Cue confetti!  I don't know about you, but I got confused about their differences about 5 blushes ago, so I figured I should do comparison swatches of all of them to try and clarify matters for us all.
Left to right: Saucy, A Lick and a Promise, Glisten, Spark, Elephant

Left to right: Sleek Siamese Skinny Dipper, Tanned Tabby Firefly bronzer (haven't reviewed this, because I am lazy), Bel Air, Risque, Racy, Centerfold (a bit cut-off, sorry!)

Left to right: Sleek Siamese Skinny Dipper, Tanned Tabby Firefly bronzer, Bel Air, Risque, Racy, Centerfold, Spark, A Lick and a Promise, Glisten, Spark

Bel Air and Risque are very similar; Bel Air is marginally cooler and has less shimmer, which I find means it doesn't blend quite as well as Risque.  You definitely don't need both of them, though.
Centerfold and Saucy look like cousins, but Saucy is pinker than Centerfold.  Spark and Elephant have similar levels of pigmentation (not much), but Spark is peachy compared to Elephant's pale pink.  Saucy and A Lick and a Promise both rub down to a different color than they start (Saucy goes from rose to peachy pink, ALaaP goes from pale lilac to warm rose).  Spark, Risque, Saucy, and Glisten are the most shimmery, though all of the blushes have some shimmer.

Which ones are your favorites?  
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