Friday, August 12, 2011

Mary Kay Oil Mattifier Review

So, a few weeks ago my mom and I were tidying my brother's room to make space for some furniture that we're saving for my future apartment, and among the piles of clothes, old toys, comic books, and action figures was a small rectangular box that made it just about worthwhile.  Contained within was an old tube of Mary Kay's Oil Mattifier that we had ordered a few years ago, unopened and unused.  I excitedly added it to my pouch of facial tinctures (all my moisturizers and sunscreens) and have used it off and on for the last couple weeks.  Now, I'm going to assume that time hasn't changed the formula of the mattifier (though I realize this is always a risky endeavor), and that the older version I have has the same ingredients the one with new packaging does, but if you've heard otherwise, let me know!
It's a milky liquid-gel that dries to a transparent finish.  You can wear it under or over foundation (I tend to just do under), and it claims to control oil for 8 hours.  Silica (used in my beloved Mattify! Ultra) is one of the first ingredients, and there's only one silicone in it (Dimethicone Crosspolymer, which appears about halfway down the ingredient list).  I don't recognize most of the ingredient names, so if that's something that concerns you, you'll probably want to look elsewhere.  As far as oil control goes, though, this is a winner.  Seriously.  When I wear it under my Meow foundation and finishing powder, I'm basically shine-free for ~6 hours, and when combined with the Mattify!, it's all day.  I used this (not this particular tube, of course, but the same product) some as a teenager and liked it then, but I can really appreciate it now that I've had a chance to see all the stuff out there that doesn't work.

Do you need this and Mattify!?  Unless you're super oily like me, probably not.  Which product you choose is really a question of your preferences and skin type; the Mary Kay is best for controlling T-zone oilies, since you can do really targeted application with it, and works well with liquid foundation (can be worn both under or over, whereas it can only be worn under mineral foundation).  The Mattify! is great for all-over oil control and for those who want more naturally-based products (if you're allergic to silicone, go with this one), and is best with mineral foundation (can be worn both under and over, but should only be used over liquid).  Price is also a consideration.  For $14.50 (including S&H), you get enough Mattify! to last for 4+ months (my original jar still has some left, crazy!); for $15 (not including S&H; I'm not sure how much S&H costs from Mary Kay) you get a 0.6 oz tube.  I don't remember exactly how long it lasts, but I think it's around 2 months with daily use on the T-zone.  Neither is particularly cheap, but as someone who doggedly battles oiliness, it's worth the investment.

Of course, if you are super oily like me, you may find it useful to have both!  I highly recommend both the Mary Kay and the Mattify!, and leave it up to your own preferences and desires to decide which would serve your purposes better.

Have you tried the Mary Kay Oil Mattifier?  Do you want to?
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