Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nail Polish Bonanza

My nail polish collection has been steadily growing, even though my nail painting skills are really pathetic, and it went through a growth spurt this Sunday when Walgreens had all their Sinful Colors polishes for $0.99 apiece (usually $1.99).  I stocked up on 5 glitter polishes, and proceeded to swatch my way through my polish collection a couple days ago, layering and painting like mad.  The fruits of my labor: over 100 photos, and a new series for the blag!  You can look forward to a kit 'n caboodle of posts on nail polish in the following weeks, but here are a couple of preview swatches to whet your appetite:

Buckle up, children, for the oh so super exciting posts to come!

What's your approach to nail polish?  Love it?  Leave it?  Layering: pro or against?  Comments keep polish from migrating all over your fingers (which happens to me all the time)!
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