This blog has been immensely influenced by many other blogs and bloggers, and I sadly cannot keep track of all of them to give credit for all inspiration. This page, however, is my attempt to do so as best I can; I try to always cite my inspiration in posts, but I have some recurring features and don't include sources in every post in the series, so this page will serve as a reference for all of them.

30 Days: Inspired by Magi-Mania, though I've changed many of the prompts
Currently Coveting: Inspired by Beautiful with Brains' Wanted! series
Fragrance Friday: Inspired by The Muse in Wooden Shoes, among others
Grading Guidelines: Based in part on Temptalia's guidelines
"Inspired By": Inspired by Cute and Mundane and Getting Cheeky
What's It Worth?: Inspired by Brightest Bulb in the Box

And this page itself was inspired by a post from Beauty Reductionista!
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