Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meow Cosmetics Blush in Racy (from the Taboo Collection) Review and Swatches

 The first Meow blush up for review: Racy!  It's also one of three blushes I ordered from the Taboo collection, characterized by intense pigment and a duochrome finish (I'm a sucker for duochrome, what can I say!).
I was immediately drawn to this shade from the swatch picture:

Don't you just want to eat it?!
Unlike Alima's swatch pictures, Meow's seem to be pretty accurate, and I was not disappointed with the sample I received!
Racy is the furthest to the left
In partial sun
Racy under flash; the focus could be better, sorry about that, but the color is pretty accurate
Meow describes it as a "warm neutral sugary sweet pink shade [with] a subtle golden glow", which is pretty much spot-on.  It's of medium pigmentation and blends beautifully, giving a glowy flush to my cheeks without looking garish or overdone--though if you packed it on, you could certainly achieve clownface, which seems to me makes it workable for darker skin tones as well (what is clownish on me is gorgeous on others!).  It is the perfect summer shade, and has great lasting power, even through heat and sweatiness (had to clean the house yesterday, which is a sweaty endeavor, but my blush [and foundation,  but that's a future post!] stayed gorgeous).  I am in love, basically.  I think it's a shade that would work well on many depths of skin tone, since it's very blendable and buildable, though it's definitely best for those who lean warm.  If you're looking for a coral-pink blush, you should give Meow's Racy a try!

Price: 8 (a sample is $1, with enough to last at least a week; 0.07 oz of product is $8.25, and a big 0.14 oz jar is $15.25, which, while it would last many months [reflected in the high value score below], is still more than I want to pay)
Value: 9.5 (The price for a jar is a lot [for me, at least...], but it would last a really long time, and I can actually see myself using that much of this color because it is so beautiful)
Quality: 10
Ease of Use: 4
Pigmentation: 5
Duration: 5
Consistency: 5
Grade: A

One thing to note about the difference between Alima and Meow samples: You get a 5g jar of product from Alima, whereas you get a 1/4 teaspoon baggie (I sadly don't know the weight!) of product from Meow for $0.50 less.  Meow also often has free shipping, whereas you can only order 6 samples from Alima before shipping goes up from $2 to $5.25.  I'm not sure which I prefer; I like the amount of product each Alima sample comes with, but I also like the flexibility of Meow.  Some may have a preference of jars over baggies or vice versa, but I find they both have their pros and cons--jars are cute, and when they have sifters (which the Alima ones do not) they're good for controlling how much product comes out, but baggies are more space-efficient and easier than sifter-less jars to control the amount.

What about you?  Have you tried Meow's blushes?  Do you prefer jars or baggies for your samples?  What do you think of Racy?
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