Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nivea Soft Review

I have dry hands.  Not really dry; they don't crack or anything, just dry enough to feel tight and grouchy.  So, lotion.  Only problem is, I hate that slick feeling many lotions give, even those specifically designed as hand creams (L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream, I'm looking at you).  I also don't want anything strongly scented, since that has a tendency to linger on my keyboard.  Fortunately (you knew this was coming), I've found my HG hand cream in Nivea Soft.  I discovered it while living in Berlin, but have been able to find it here as well (thank God; I'll tell my tale of woe about the products I haven't been able to find here later––you'll probably cry).
Okay, so it's a lotion.  Why do I deem it HG?  Let me count the ways...
1) Fast absorbing.  It's got a medium-thin consistency, so it spreads well, but doesn't run all over, either.  It's fully absorbed within a minute, leaving my hands feeling nice and moisturized, but not wet (ew).
2) It moisturizes!  That seems like it should be a no-brainer for a lotion, but sadly that's not always the case.  With Nivea Soft, I can immediately tell the difference: my skin doesn't feel too tight, and there's no roughness or scaliness.
3) It lasts.  Unlike some lotions that need to be reapplied frequently, Nivea Soft moisturizes for hours.
4) No smell!  Beyond a very mild lotion-y smell that dissipates quickly, Nivea Soft is scent-free.
5) Versatile.  It's fast-absorbing enough for hands, gentle enough for face, and thin enough for legs and arms.  I've used it as a nighttime moisturizer, and have had no problems with it breaking me out (a minor miracle, really), and carry it around with me for those times when my legs are dry post-shave and I've been too lazy/late to put on body butter.

Compared to Nivea Creme, the other lotion they make, Nivea Soft is thinner and more easily absorbed.
Smooth and spreadable, Nivea Soft in the shade (it's not actually blue)
It's not as moisturizing as the Creme, so if you have very dry skin, Creme may give you the extra boost of moisture that Soft doesn't have.  I personally like the lower level of moisturization, since my skin isn't that dry, and because it means it absorbs faster.  A little Soft goes a long way, and the smaller tubes are the perfect size for carrying around in my purse.  I'm a huge fan.

Nivea Soft is available from Amazon*,, and drugstores; the small size (2.6 oz in a squeeze tube) is usually ~$3-4, though I got mine at Fred Meyer for ~$1.50 because they had a coupon, and the large size (6.8 oz in a plastic jar) is ~$5-7.

Just because I've found my HG hand cream doesn't mean I don't still love me some other lotion.  I'll try to get around to reviewing some of my favorites, and I welcome any suggestions you have!

*I've just recently been approved for the Amazon Associates program, which means that if you click through on Amazon links I post, I get a percentage of whatever you end up buying (even if it doesn't include the product I linked to, I believe).  I don't know what the percentage is, exactly, but I imagine it's quite small.  If you ever choose to buy something on Amazon and get there via my link, know that you are helping fund my beauty addiction and have my everlasting thanks and devotion!  (I'm not sure if I'll be able to, but if it's allowed, I'll post a link to Amazon in the toolbar on the right so you don't have to navigate to specific posts.)  I'll only link to Amazon when the product is an Amazon Prime product (because those are guaranteed to be reliable sellers) and when it is available for a price comparable to elsewhere.  Okay, I think that's all for now...Questions?  Comments?

What's your favorite hand cream?  What do you like about it?
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