Thursday, August 4, 2011

Taupe Comparisons

This post is mostly for my own benefit, though I hope that you find it helpful as well!  After reviewing two taupe eyeshadows recently, I was curious as to how they would compare to each other and the first taupe I reviewed (in WNW's Silent Treatment trio), so I decided to swatch them all together.
From top to bottom, over primer: mark's Minx, theBalm's Insane Jane, and WNW's Silent Treatment
As you can see, there are huge differences between them.  The Wet N Wild taupe is by far the coolest and purplest, Minx looks more light brown than taupe, and Insane Jane is the darkest and, based on the definition of taupe ("grey with a tinge of brown"), the taupiest.  WNW and Insane Jane both swatched beautifully, whereas Minx had to be built up some.  I'll revisit this post when I own more taupes (because it will happen, though hopefully not too soon...), but even just these three swatches show what a wide diversity there is in the taupe family.  Neato!

Which taupe is your favorite?
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