Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meet Matt(e) Palette at TJ Maxx

I'd heard from other bloggers that TJ Maxx had a lot of makeup from theBalm significantly discouned as well as items from their new skincare line, so I went there yesterday to peruse the choices.  They had the new matte palette, Meet Matt(e), for $17 (full price $34.50), which I snapped a picture of:

While tempted, I ultimately decided that I wouldn't get much use out of many of the shades (several blues and greens) and I passed.  They also had Bahama Mama, a matte bronzer ($12, normally $21); Betty-Lou Manizer, a shimmery bronzer ($13, normally $24; I was sorely tempted to get this, because the texture was phenomenal, but decided that I don't wear shimmery bronzer on any kind of regular basis, so it wouldn't be worth it, even at the discounted price); Mary-Lou Manizer, an ivory gold highlighter (reviewed here, $13, normally $24); Sexy Mama, an anti-shine powder (normally $19, don't remember exactly what it was; considered getting it, but realized my Meow Top Cat finishing powder is truly HG and I should save my dinero); Down Boy, a matte pink blush (reviewed here, $10, normally $21); Frat Boy, a matte peachy-pink blush ($10, normally $21; this is the only thing I bought, and I will be reviewing it soon!); Cabana Boy, a pink dusty rose blush ($10, normally $21); and several Overshadows (loose mineral powders).  They sadly didn't have Hot Mama, my favoritest blush, or any lip products (the one area of theBalm I feel I really need to explore), which was good for my wallet.  If you have a TJ Maxx nearby (or Marshalls, since I heard they may have it, too) and want to try out some of theBalm's products, this is your chance to get them on the cheap!

While at TJ's, I spent a fair amount of time looking at their skincare products, particularly face wash, and using the handy barcode scanner on my new smartphone (I finally caved, and I am so in love...I also got it for free, since my 2 years were up and Best Buy was having a sale!).  I felt a little sketch standing under the fluorescent lights, taking pictures of boxes, and I'm pretty sure there were several people there who thought I was some kind of delinquent.  On the upside, it was awesome being able to check up on reviews of stuff before buying!  Yaaay technology.

Okay that's all for now.  This was supposed to just be a quick little post, but I seem to be incapable of that...next time I'll try posting it from my phone, because I would get fed up with swyping the keyboard long before I could ramble this much.

Anywhos!  Have you seen theBalm at your local TJ Maxx?  Would you want to make the trip to check it out?
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