Saturday, February 25, 2012

Skincare Saturday: Aveda Hand Relief

This isn't really a skincare post, but it's a product I use on my hands, and I'm too busy (or lazy?) to write up another that's actually facial skincare, so I'm posting this today anyways. I hope you will forgive me!

While my face is ridiculously oily, my hands tend towards being very dry, so I always have some kind of hand cream within reach.

A friend gave me a tube of Aveda Hand Relief for Christmas, and I keep it in my travel cosmetic pouch that goes with me around town. I really like it; it smells like slightly sweet lemon tea (yummy!), and it's very creamy and moisturizing; it's thicker than Nivea Soft, but not as thick as MOR body butter. It takes a few minutes to fully absorb, which is why I don't keep it by my computer (slick fingers aren't great for typing!), but once it does it leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated, and happy for hours at a time. It doesn't completely survive hand washing, but I don't find I need to reapply it right after, either. All in all, I like it a lot, and I'm always glad to have it in my bag!
$8 for 1.4 oz, $20 for 4.2 oz, available from Aveda salons

What's your favorite hand cream?
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