Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter, Body Scrub, and Shower Gel Reviews and Pictures

Free shipping + half-off Christmas set = purchase-happy Amy. I've been wanting to try the Body Shop's body butter for a while now, but didn't have a good reason. A sale probably doesn't count as a "good" reason, but I took it nonetheless!

The set I got is no longer available on their website, but all of the components still are. Here's the adorable packaging:

I removed the plastic insert and am now using the box to store my polishes that need to be swatched. So cheerful!
I got the mango set because it is supposedly for dry to very dry skin, and I wanted all the moisturizing power I could get for my dry hands.

Mango Body Butter

The body butter smells like mango candy, sweet and tropical––certainly not complex, but quite pleasant.
Mango Body Butter

The moisturizing properties are stellar; it's pretty dense (not as dense as MOR Body Butter, but denser than Soap & Glory) and a little goes a long way, and even better, it stays on all night and through hand-washing. I haven't used it on anything except my hands, but I really like it for that purpose. And I have officially decided to go on a body butter no-buy, because it'll take me probably a year to go through the ones I already have!
$6 for 1.7 oz, $18 for 6.9 oz, $25 for 13.5 oz, available from The Body Shop (formerly available from Sephora as well, but I can no longer find it on their website, oh noes!)

Mango Body Scrub
I wasn't expecting to like or use the body scrub much, since I get all my exfoliating done with my Salux, but surprisingly, I really like it!
Mango Body Scrub

Not as a scrub; to really get effective exfoliation you'd need to use, like, half the container for one leg. But it has some moisturizing oils in it that are awesome after shaving––completely negates any need for post-shower lotion, and it continues to smell like mango (candy) even after I've toweled off. It's not something I need to use every day, since I don't have dry skin, but if you do, it's definitely worth checking out!
$18 for 7.4 oz, available from The Body Shop (the mini and jumbo sizes are supposedly options, but they're not currently available/accessible on the site)

Mango Shower Gel
The shower gel smells fresher and more mango-like than either the butter or the scrub; it's very cheerful and happy in the shower. It doesn't have the best foaming action, though, so I find I have to use more product to get an acceptable lather going, whether when paired with a loofah/Salux or on its own. It's nice and all, but I won't purchase again. As a side note, I'm also on a shower gel no-buy, because I've got 5+ in my shower, and even though most of them are more than halfway gone, that's still a lot of shower gel, and I'm running out of counter space!
$4 for 2 oz, $8 for 8.4 oz, available from The Body Shop
The last two items in the set are a bright orange bath scrubby that's about the size of my fist (this is small, fyi); it works pretty well with the shower gel, but I like being more efficient than the size allows, and a bar of mango soap, which I haven't yet used (because, um, I have 3 bars of soap by my sink already). 
Mango Soap
Bath lily: $1-3, available from The Body Shop; Soap: $4 for 3.5 oz, available from The Body Shop

All in all, $12.50 well spent! My Body Shop curiosity has been sated, and I can happily go on with my life.

Have you tried anything by the Body Shop? What's your favorite scent?
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