Sunday, February 5, 2012

Poll Results, or: Sincerest Thanks to the 6 of You Who Voted

As any person in the social sciences can tell you, a sample size of 6 can't really be considered representative of the population as a whole. On a small blog like this, though, I'm gonna say it's close enough (not least because it's all I have to work with!). So, here are the results, and the analysis and interpretation of them:

Half of the respondents want to see more posts on high-end and indie brands and my own personal musings. I shall endeavor to fulfill those desires. I'm planning a Fyrinnae order soon (though it may be several weeks before it arrives!), and am looking into other indie MMU brands to check out. Samples are a beautiful thing! High-end brands, like those found at Sephora and ritzy department stores, are a little more challenging for me to a) acquire and b) afford. But I'm going to New York for Spring Break and already have a shopping list planned out for Barneys, Saks, and Bergdorf Goodman and am attempting to save up some funds, so I should be able to pick up a few luxe items! As for personal musings, I'll try to include more me-related non-beauty posts, but ironically, they take a lot longer for me to write than beauty posts do, so I don't think they'll be all too frequent.

1/3 of those who voted (a whole 2 people, but it sounds better to do it in fractions, yes?) want cosmetics, skincare, and nails; I'm going to just treat that as "carry on as you have been", but I'll try to do more frequent skincare posts (like, Skincare Saturday may actually become a weekly thing!). Drugstore brands also snagged 33% of the vote, so I'll be sure not to abandon them in my forays into high-end and indie.

The subjects that snagged one lone vote each were bath and body, summary posts, food, and small pleasures. I've had a specific request for more food posts, so I will really try to do that, though usually when I'm around good food I'm too busy eating to bother going and getting my camera. I'm frankly relieved that summary posts (like Tip Tuesday and Recommendation Thursday) aren't super popular, because they take forever to write. However, if there's ever a topic you'd like to see covered, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email (beyondjustbeauty at gmail dot com) and I'll be happy to see what I can do!

Sound good? Anything I'm missing that you'd like to see more of? Thank you to everyone who voted!

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