Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LA Colors Nail Polish in Enchanting Review and Swatches

This was the first of the polishes I got from my Cherry Culture haul that I chose to wear. I'd seen swatches of it online, where it looked so pretty, and was excited to have such loveliness on my nails. It did not quite go as planned.
LA Colors Enchanting

Enchanting is a lavender base with copper/pink shimmer. I thought it might be similar to Zoya Zara, but it's really not at all; the lavender part is pretty close in color, but the shimmer isn't, and the resulting effect on the nail is worlds apart.
3 coats Enchanting
The weird part about Enchanting for me is how much pinker it is on the nail than in the bottle (or swatched on a nail wheel!). That's not necessarily bad, though, unlike the other problems I had with it. For one thing, it's really sheer; even with 3 coats there was still some VNL and patchiness. For another, the formula is watery and just does not want to apply evenly. It's also frosty in real life, though it doesn't really show up in pictures, and tends to show some brushstrokes. The absolute worst part about it, though, is also completely baffling. It pulls back from the edge of my nails just terribly. Like, I noticed it was a problem after 2 coats, so on the 3rd I made sure to put extra polish on the ends of my fingers, and it didn't make any difference.
see how it's lighter at the ends of my fingers?
Pictures make this look much, much better than it really did; it was an uneven, frosty mess and I took it off a mere 2 hours after applying it because I just couldn't stand it anymore. I may try wearing it over black, but I don't think that'll help the shrinkage problem. So, I don't know how long it wears for, but really, I don't care. Maybe I just got a bad bottle, because other bloggers' swatches don't seem to show the same receding-ness, but I can't recommend it.
a couple more pictures to show the shrinkage; enlarge to see it better

$1.50 for 0.44 oz, available from Cherry Culture

Color: 8 (the frostiness is really a turn-off)
Formula: 5
Brush & Bottle: 4.5
Pigmentation & Finish: 2
Price/Value: 3 (sure, it's cheap, but it's also crap)
Grade: D

*Sigh*. Have you tried Enchanting? Did you have a better bottle than mine?
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