Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Currently Coveting: Haus of Gloi

Currently Coveting is a not-at-all daily feature on products that look interesting, whether new, cult classics, or something in between!

I hadn't heard about Haus of Gloi until Temptalia posted a haul picture on Facebook, at which point I promptly visited their website to see what the deal was. I discovered that the deal was this: delicious bath and body supplies.
Haus of Gloi Emulsifying Scrub Valentine's '12 Who Needs Love
I spent an enjoyable couple of hours browsing the options, trying to narrow it down to something not ridiculous, before I realized that I'm on a bath&body no-buy, and Jesus, Amy, could you just stick to that for once?! So, um, yeah, I managed to talk myself out of buying anything from them for now, but I've got a lot of things I want to try when the time comes, including the Emulsifying Scrubs (they sound like The Body Shop's Body Scrub, which I love for quick and easy moisturizing in the shower), Bubbling Scrubs, and Pumpkin Butter, and the scents Depravity, Elevenses, Haus Amber, Imp, Insalata Nocturna, Madcap Garden, Moon Dog, Picaroon, and Vice, as well as the limited edition Valentine's Who Needs Love. You can see I had problems narrowing my choices down...

Have you tried anything from Haus of Gloi? 
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