Thursday, February 23, 2012

Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm Review

I already have an HG lip balm (Jack Black, because I'm a bblogger stereotype), but when I flew back east over winter break, one of the many unfortunate things that happened on the trip was my leaving a nearly-new tube of Jack Black Shea Butter & Vitamin E (limited edition and everything, waah!) lip balm on the plane. The night I had to spend in Denver, I was without any balm, so I made do with my Le Métier de Beauté lip crème, which worked admirably, but is far, far too expensive for me to want to use as a lip balm. So, naturally, the first thing I did after landing in DC was head to CVS to pick up a few staples, including lip balm. I saw the Neutrogena Naturals balm and, thinking it was the Neutrogena Norwegian balm, bought it, only to realize once I actually read the label that it was not what I thought.
What, they look the same, right?

But, having already forked over the $3.50 (plus tax, lame), decided I might as well try using it. I did, a couple times, when lo and behold, I found an old Jack Black in my coat pocket! The Neutrogena was promptly stuffed away and I didn't think about it again until I found it in my small purse a week or so ago, whereupon I decided to try it for the blog.

I used it one afternoon, and while my lips felt dry, I figured it was just the weather (this isn't very good foreshadowing, sorry). After using it that night and then the next morning, it slowly dawned on me that, hello, it's raining, and that sure as hell shouldn't be making my lips drier. Just to be sure, I applied the balm a couple more times and one more night, and the next day, my lips were dry, tight, scaly, and miserable. It took 3 days of regular Jack Black application to get them back to normal. Altogether, it was 5 days of chapped or near-chapped lips. That is how much I love you guys. And how much I hate that frickin' balm. It may even be worse than Nivea Cherry, as hard as that is to believe, but I'm not about to try to do a comparison test between them––my lips have suffered enough.

In case that last paragraph didn't make it clear, this stuff was just terrible for me. I cannot recommend it, except as a gift to someone you hate. As always, these are just my opinions and the product may work better for you than it did for me! But I wouldn't count on it.

Have you tried Neutrogena Naturals lip balm? What did you think? What's your favorite lip balm (or, more appropriate to this post, your least favorite?)
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