Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NYX Gold Glitter Salon Formula Nail Polish Review and Swatches

I have had this polish for months, but haven't written a review of it and figured I probably should so I can get rid of the folder that holds pictures of it! Also, Cherry Culture is having a 20% off sale through tomorrow, so if you're wanting to pick up any NYX products, this is the time! I have previously reviewed another Salon polish from NYX, Maroon (also very belated, but still a couple months ahead of this one!), which I love, and I'm seriously excited for my new polishes to arrive (3 from the Salon line, 3 from the Girls line, and a couple from another brand––it may sound like I have no impulse control, but that is a majorly pared-down assortment!).
Gold Glitter, image via NYX (because yes, I am actually too lazy to go take a picture of mine; bad blogger!)

I feel like Gold Glitter isn't quite aptly named; it is gold, so that part's spot-on, but when I hear glitter, I think chunky, rough, needs 5 coats of top coat glitter (this isn't as bad as it sounds––Lord knows I love me some glitter!), which this is not. Instead, this is gold flakies. Yes, you heard me right. They're flat, irregularly shaped, in a thick gel base, and require absolutely no finagling to apply or remove. Unlike the Finger Paints flakies, these don't shift color or have any iridescence, but like the FPs, they apply evenly with good density, making them an effortless way to spice up a mani.

I find a single coat of this gives me the perfect amount of coverage to accent whatever I'm wearing underneath, and two coats really blings it out.

1 coat Gold Glitter over 1 coat Maroon
It looks lovely over NYX Maroon, and I recently wore it over Wet N Wild Blazed (review to come), a combination that seemed very SoCal sorority girl to me (as in, bright and fun and happy, though perhaps a little shallow).
1 coat Gold Glitter over 3 coats
Wet N Wild Blazed
You could wear it by itself, though I would only recommend that if you have dark, warm skin and don't mind sheerness.
3 coats Gold Glitter by itself
I can't really speak to its longevity, just because I've always worn it over other polishes, but it certainly hasn't chipped or shown any accelerated tipwear.

All in all, I like it, a lot. It's a great way of wearing gold for me, since most golds look atrocious against my skintone, but this is subtle enough that it just looks pretty. Also, based on pictures I've seen, I think it's quite similar to Essie Luxeffects As Gold As It Gets, available from Rite Aid and wherever else Essie is sold, so if you want the same look but don't have access to NYX/don't want to pay shipping, that's an option to consider.
ETA: The NYX Girls line of polish has a similar, possibly identical, shade, called Gilded Glitter. With the current sale, it's $1.60 for 0.43 oz––not too shabby!

$4.99 for 0.52 oz, available from Cherry Culture (currently, for $2.88!!) and NYX

Color: 9
Formula: 9
Pigmentation & Finish: 5 (it's intended to be a top coat, not a standalone polish)
Brush & Bottle: 4 (the bottle is quite large and square, which is visually arresting but not super great for storage, and the brush is a little too long for my taste)
Price/Value: 4 (right now, on sale, it's a 4.75)
Grade: B+

What do you think of Gold Glitter? Do you have any NYX polishes you're particularly fond of? Are you going to pick up anything during Cherry Culture's sale?
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