Thursday, February 9, 2012

30 Days Makeup Challenge: Day 5

For a run-down of this series, see here.

Do you like to wear foundation? What's your favorite?
I wear foundation 99% of the time––basically, unless I'm really sick (like when I had strep!). I've been favoring MAC Matchmaster (in shade 1) lately, since it offers medium but buildable coverage and controls my oil without drying me out (ideal for winter), but on lazy days (or when I'm running late!), I opt for Meow mineral foundation (a blend of Pampered and Flawless Sleek Siamese). I have trouble finding foundations that match my pale skin and don't break me out, and both MAC and Meow succeed on those fronts. If you're oily like me, I definitely recommend checking them out!

What about you?
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