Thursday, February 9, 2012

CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Soulmate and Smitten Review and Swatches

These were released last year, I think? Possibly the year before. CoverGirl touted them as being intensely moisturizing and pigmented lipsticks, and even challenged bloggers to wear nothing but Lip Perfection for a week and see if the condition of their lips improved. I hadn't ever gotten around to trying any, though, because there was always something else I wanted to try more, but a couple weeks ago I was feeling sad and decided it was the perfect time to check them out (nothing like lipstick to cheer a girl up!). I decided on two shades, Soulmate and Smitten. Soulmate is a neutral pink-berry with gold shimmer, and Smitten is a cool pink-plum cream; I had hoped that one (or both!) of them would be a good MLBB shade for me. And?
left/top: Smitten, right/bottom: Soulmate
They're both lovely colors, but I had issues with each. Smitten, had it been sheer, would have been perfect, but as it was, it was too dark to be comfortable for everyday without blotting (but I am lazy, and I do not want to have to blot to make my lipstick work). The opacity plus cool toned-ness of it made it almost look corpsey/vampiric on me, which is not the look I'm going for.
the lighting here is weird and blurry, but it helps show the purple undertones in Smitten

this is more accurate, and you can still see how it's a bit corpsey

post-blotting, it's much more flattering

with some Jack Black slathered on top, it's a pretty pink pout (though not as bright as it looks here)

And Soulmate was a beautiful color, but the gold shimmer was too much for me and made my lips look frosty.

frostier than it looks in either of these pictures
Seeing as I already have a gorgeous gold-shimmered lip (Fraise Creme), I just couldn't justify having another, especially given that:

The creamy texture, while very comfortable on, meant that, on me, they wore off unevenly, leaving an unattractive ring-around-the-mouth. I've also heard from others that it has a tendency to migrate outside the lips, though that's not generally a problem for me. That could be taken care of by checking every hour or so and reapplying as needed, but again: I am lazy, and I don't want to have to worry about my lipstick looking funky.

So, these weren't ideal for me, but I can see why they're so popular. They're really pigmented and creamy and comfortable on, and while they don't replace my Jack Black lip balm, they do leave my lips feeling moister than they started. They also smell vaguely sweet, like perhaps vanilla or something fruity? And they have no taste, which is a definite plus. If you don't mind having to keep an eye on your lipstick, they're a good choice, especially for the price. There are some beautiful reds in the line, though sadly no real MLBB for me (others, who can pull off nuder lips, may fare better). I returned the ones I got, but I'm super glad I finally tried them!

~$7 for 0.12 oz, available at drugstores

Quality: 8
Effectiveness: 4
Ease of Use: 3.75 (annoying to have to keep tabs on it)
Senses: 4.5 (doesn't smell like drugstore lipstick, but it is scented, which may be a problem for some)
Pigmentation: 4.5 (full-coverage, but it can apply and wear off unevenly)
Duration: 3.75 (it lasts 2+ hours, though the color tends to fade in the middle)
Consistency: 3.5 (it's very creamy and comfortable, but again, migrates and fades)
Price: 3.5
Value: 4
Grade: B-

I wish I'd loved these, but alas, they just didn't work for me. But if you have different preferences (like, if you want something opaque and moisturizing and don't mind extra work to make it stay even), these may be a smashing success for you!

Have you tried any of the Lip Perfections? What did you think?
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