Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Milani 3D Holographic Nail Polish in 3D and Hi-Tech Review and Swatches

Yet another item from my Milani Black Friday haul (wow, that was a long time ago!): the gold "holo" 3D and green (legit) holo Hi-Tech. I got these so I could do holographic Duck nails, though I knew (based on other reviews) that the gold one wouldn't be the greatest polish that e'er polished. The green, however, is frickin' awesome, and together, they're pretty ducky. Yeah, I went there.
Milani Hi-Tech (left, ignore the weird orange tint) and 3D (right)
The vast majority of the time, 3D just looks like a yellow-gold with irregular silver shimmer.
how it usually looks
At certain angles, you can see some holo, but it's very scattered and subtle.
as holo as it gets
The biggest reason I don't love it, though, is not actually the polish's fault: it clashes with my skin something terrible. Far too mustard-y, and definitely not a color I would choose to wear on its own! I do like it when paired with Hi-Tech, though, because then its purpose is not to be flattering, but rather to demonstrate that I have school spirit.

Hi-Tech, on the other hand (god, the puns! they're everywhere!) is awesome: a bright lime green scattered-leaning-towards-linear holo. It's loud, it's bright, it's fantastic. I love it so much.
here it is under my lamp; you can see a bit of holo, but it's not as dramatic as it looks in real life

and here it is in sunshine! Isn't it amazing? Gah!

And here they are together, GO DUCKS!

$3.99–$4.99 for 0.45 oz, available from Milani, Cherry Culture, and some drugstores

Color: 3D – 6.5, Hi-Tech – 9.75
Formula: 8.5 (they have a weird, runny texture (like many holos, so I only docked 0.5 points for that), so they tend to not apply very evenly)
Pigmentation & Finish: 3.75 (it needs a top coat to be really shiny, and they're sheer––I definitely needed all 3 coats)
Brush & Bottle: 4.25
Price/Value: 4.25
3D: C+, Hi-Tech: B+

What do you think of these? 
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