Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Summary

Greetings, lovelies! I hope you've had a relaxing and/or productive weekend. I've spent mine doing a lot of reading and research, which is just...more fun than I can say. There's been a lot of great posts this week from the blogosphere, of which I have just a handful to share (since I am only one person and cannot keep track of the entire internet, especially with all the syntax reading I have to do!).

a england, a British polish brand owned by creator Adina, is releasing a new collection of holos, and I am loving them. I may seriously need to buy some of them, even though they're $14+, because, just, wow. Scrangie has swatches of 5 of the 7 colors, and thanks to her, I now know I need Dragon and St. George. Can you even believe those?! Vampy Varnish and Glitta Gloves' swatches confirm the necessity of my procuring those polishes. They're not yet available on the a england website, but they should be soon, and you can email the creator if you need them now. Awesomely, there's free worldwide shipping, which makes the per-bottle price pretty reasonable! They're also available from Llarowe for $12, though both Dragon and St. George are out of stock currently.
ETA: The Legends has arrived at the a england website! They're not limited edition, as far as I know, so you don't have to freak out about getting them now, but that's not stopping me from picking up Dragon!

In other polish news, swatches of China Glaze's Hunger Games collection are starting to pop up online. They're not supposed to be released until March (though some sources say sometime in February), which gives me plenty of time to giddily anticipate their arrival. Some of the shades fall flat for me, but Fast Track, Riveting, and Smoke and Ashes will be mine, damnit. Ahem. For pictures of those and the others from the collection, check out ScrangieMakeup and Beauty Blog, and All Lacquered Up. Which shades are you loving?

Monthly beauty subscriptions are all the rage, and there's several players on the scene, including the new Beauty Army, reviewed by Pink Sith. If I had endless funds, I would love to try out all the options and see which ones are the best, but barring that, I'll continue enjoying reading about others' experiences!

Lipstick Musings raves about Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray; with my infinitely oily skin, I would love to try this and see if/how much it helps!

Vampy Varnish reviews the upcoming Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural lipsticks, and holy moly, they sound awesome. There will be 50 (!!!!?!?!) shades offered, and they're supposed to offer sheer, long-lasting, moisturizing color. Basically, they have my name written all over them!

And lastly, Temptalia's been playing with new MAC collections, and could not believe the quality of  the Colour Added eyeshadow quad, or more specifically, the shade Self-Serve. Truly disgraceful!

And, for the non-beauty related links, I have a couple of Dinosaur Comics. I love DC, because it's smart, really funny, and often discusses linguistics-related topics. And have I mentioned the 3 characters are all dinosaurs? What could be better?! That's right, nothing. They're pretty much all great, but from the past week, I especially enjoyed this one on sonnets and this one on new punctuation marks. Now you want to go read them all, don't you? You're welcome.

What links have you loved the past week? What are your favorite webcomics?

PS(A): You have 3 hours left to vote in the blog poll! Go! Now! You know you want to...
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