Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wet N Wild Wild Shine Nail Polish in Blazed Review and Swatches

The remainder of this week is unintentionally nail week; it's midterms season (=no time for blogging) and I just happened to have a lot of nail polish swatches and reviews ready to post. Not to worry, though, BJB is not going to turn into a nail blog––I'm lacking in the dedication and skill to do that many swatches! I've got a lot of fun stuff coming up for you soon (like Fyrinnae, Too Faced, NYX, and a couple giveaways!), so if you're not the nail type, take heart, regularly scheduled programming will be returning soon. Now, excuse my while I go meld with my syntax midterm...damn take-home's eating up all my time!

I picked this up during a 40% off WNW sale at Rite Aid because I was hoping it would work for a jelly sandwich (google it, they're awesome), but it turns out I don't have any glitters that are quite right for sandwiching, and this is just a little too opaque to work with the ones I do have. It's still a beautiful color, though, and definitely worth the 60¢ I paid!
Wet N Wild Blazed
Blazed is a bright, nearly neon, coral with a jelly-creme finish. It's opaque in 3 coats, but it still has some of the squishiness associated with jellies.
3 coats Blazed in light from my magnifying lamp, which leans a little cool; no top coat (crazy shiny, eh?)

3 coats Blazed with 1 coat NYX Gold Glitter in warm sunlight; you can see it looks much more orange here

Depending on the light, it can look more or less pink vs. orange, but I found that regardless, it never looked wrong against my cool skintone (unlike, say, anything gold tends to). For those of us who are generally wary of orangey shades, this is a good choice, since it still has a lot of the warmth and brightness of an orange, but is more wearable due to the pink. It is a quintessential summer shade, and it's one I see myself rocking on my toes once summer gets here! One thing to note is that it is really bright, almost fluorescently so, so if you like more demure shades, walk away. It's a beautiful color, and the formula's not bad, and for 99¢, you can't really go wrong!

$0.99 for 0.43 oz, available from drugstores

Color: 9
Formula: 8.5
Brush & Bottle: 4
Pigmentation & Finish: 4.5
Price/Value: 5
Grade: B+

What do you think of Blazed? Is it the kind of color you'd wear?
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