Monday, February 27, 2012

Nail Polish Display Sticks

I love using nail polish art wheels to paint swatches of my polishes, but it can be challenging to do comparison swatches without needing to repaint things a bajillion times (since I have a tendency to misplace/mislabel my wheels!). Delicate Hummingbird posted a while back about nail art tip sticks, and I decided they were the thing for me!

You can rearrange them, compare them, and the long stem leaves enough room to write out the name, color, and number of coats on every stick (very handy for reference purposes!). The only downside is that they're quite long, so it generally takes about 1 more coat to reach opacity on them than it does on the nail, but that's a minor annoyance compared to how handy they are. I wasn't able to fit all of my collection on the 50 that I initially ordered, so this isn't everything, but I did paint everything that seemed ideal for comparison purposes, and I'm quite pleased with them! I'll continue to use my nail wheels to experiment with different layering combinations, and these will serve as my standard of comparison.

These run ~$4-6 on eBay for 50, though to get the cheapest price you have to order from international sellers (I've never had any bad experiences doing this, it just takes longer for them to arrive!).

Do you have a large enough polish collection to warrant some way of keeping track of them? What do you think about these?
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