Wednesday, February 22, 2012

30 Days Challenge: Day 6

I'm still quite mired in work, so the rate of posting will slow down a bit before I get on top of my stuff again (here's hoping that happens before the end of the term, but no guarantees!), so you may be seeing more 30 Days/random, swatch/review-free posts, since they're less time-consuming. I'll try to post some food stuff, too––if anyone has problems with that, take it up with Neens!

On a maybe-perhaps-probably-not-really related note, I've decided to just throw caution and reason to the wind and make these up as I go, since many of the questions from the "original" 30 Days (by which I mean, the first one I saw) just aren't applicable for me, so if there's any question you're just dying to see answered, or dying to share yourself, feel free to let me know!

What beauty trend(s) do you shy away from?
I've got a lot of things I either don't want to try or don't have the skill to try (sometimes both!). False lashes hold no appeal for me––I don't even like mascara, for pete's sake! Bright eyeshadows are also generally a no-no, both because I don't tend to like how they look on me, and because my eyeshadow applicationing is...pretty bad. Also, orange lips, I will never seek. Or legit nude lips. I look enough like a walking corpse as it is, thanks. And lastly, crackle polishes. I friggin' hate those things. So glad they're on their way out!

What about you?
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