Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quick Review: MOR Little Luxuries Body Butter in Lychee Flower and Cassis Noir

I've been meaning to review these for months, but I've just never gotten around to it, so today I am! Very briefly, of course, since I have a 17-page research paper due in less than 2 weeks that, oh right, I haven't started writing (done a lot of reading for it, though!). Anyways, quick rundown:
Image from MOR Cosmetics, because I'm actually too lazy to take pictures of mine. Bad blogger! Bad!
I got a little jar of MOR (a company based in Australia) body butter in Lychee Flower from my neighbor last year for Christmas, and I absolutely loved it. The smell is so gorgeous, and is exactly what the name would make you think––bright, fresh tropical fruity floral. It smells absolutely divine. Even ignoring the scent, the body butter is fantastic; it's really dense and thick, so you only need a teeny bit and it moisturizes like all heck. I use(d) it primarily as a hand cream, because it's only 1.7 oz and I didn't want to waste it on my legs, where I wouldn't be able to sniff at my leisure, though the one time I did use it on my lower extremities, it stayed wonderfully fragrant for 12+ hours (!!). Have I mentioned that it's really, really moisturizing? I have? Oh well, it bears repeating. It's the perfect combination of lushly, richly moisturizing while still absorbing and not being greasy. If only it weren't $14...but it comes in the most adorable packaging, so it's a fantastic gift for the luxury-lover in your life. It lasted me a couple of months of near-daily use, so it's not like it'll be gone really soon (and yet, still too soon).
Image from MOR Cosmetics
A few weeks ago, I saw a mini body butter in Cassis Noir, another of MOR's scents, at TJ Maxx for $5, and I couldn't help but pick it up (and a spare for my mother). I don't like the smell as much as I did Lychee Flower, but it's definitely grown on me over time. It's a darker, heavier floral, with rose, black currant, and jasmine, and has the same luxurious texture as Lychee Flower. I keep it in my Sonia Kashuk travel cosmetics bag and apply it during the day when my hands get grouchy, and it keeps them soft and happy for hours (usually, until I next wash them).

I really want to try all the scents (though there's 11 other "luxury" scents, and 6 "essential" scents, so that's never gonna happen) as well as the hand creams, but can't yet justify the price. The body butters are $14 for 1.7 oz, or $25 for 5 oz, and the hand creams are $12 for 1.7 oz. Many of the scents only come in the larger size. Other products available include bar soap ($14 for 7 oz), soapettes ($9 for 2.1 oz), candles ($32 for 6.5 oz), perfume oil ($18 for 0.30 oz), lip nectar ($14 for 0.30 oz), hand and body wash ($26 for 16.9 oz), and hand and body lotion ($28 for 16.9 oz), though not all products are available for all scents. The only scents available in the mini sizes are Cassis Noir, Snow Gardenia, Lychee Flower, Belladonna, and Marshmallow.

If you're interested in procuring some for yourself, you can hope you run into it in TJ Maxx, or you can order it from online; Bloom, Beauty Ticket, and MOR all carry some (if not all) of the scents and mini body butters. I highly recommend snatching one up if you happen across it or have a discount/free shipping offer, because they are truly the best body butters I've ever used, and are ideal for really dry, parched skin. Also, why must I talk so much? This was supposed to be short! Urgh.
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