Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My First Fyrinnae Order!

Okay, I really don't have time to be posting this, but I'm just so excited I can't help it. I ordered from Fyrinnae last week, and expected to get my order next month (their home page says to give them 35-45 days to ship your order), so imagine my surprise when it shipped a couple days after I placed it! If the USPS had been working properly, I would have had this Monday, but as it is it didn't arrive until today. But still: a week to get my (carefully wrapped) order? Certainly can't complain! That's faster than Sephora orders get here...

Anyways. I can't rationalize doing swatches or actually playing around with my new lovelies (waaah), but I did get some quick pictures of them in their little jars. My camera was on the verge of dying, so I tried to get them done as quickly as possible, so some of them aren't the greatest pictures. I apologize that I don't have more for you today, but I promise I will do a full review-swatch-picture fest next week and then we can forget this pathetic post ever existed. For now, enjoy! And let me know what shades of theirs are your favorites :-)

My haul; click to see better detail

 My free sample, Nijiro, "ivory with rainbow sparkle". Ignore the peach bits; I accidentally pfloofed a little Rapunzel Had Extensions into it (whoops).

Rapunzel Had Extensions, "pale pink with a stunning brilliant light gold highlight".

Arcane Magic Sorceress, "charcoal, nearly black shadow with a shimmer that changes from a brilliant aqua to rose to lavender, depending on the light". Didn't have time to snap it from all different angles, but I promise, I will!

Arcane Magic Raven's Prophecy, "deep black, this shadow glitters with lime and pale blue. Closer to light or at different angles, and the sparkle takes on a pink and turquoise appearance." 

Koala, "a medium rosy taupe [with] a satin finish".

Platinum (sorry for the shitty picture), "not silver, not gold, but somewhere in between, with more depth and the slightest hint of pink. Very sparkly."

Arcane Magic Evocation, "taupe, not gold. Gentle, slightly shimmery taupe with a highlight that changes from a pale blue-green to soft rose/coral."

Top row: Nijiro, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Sorceress, Raven's Prophecy
Bottom row: Koala, Platinum, Evocation

What do you think?
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