Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Days Makeup Challenge: Day 1

The lovely Magi-Mania ran this feature on her blog (which is in German, but the pictures are great if that's not a language you're familiar with!), and I thought it was a cool idea, but I knew I would never have the wherewithal to actually post my answers every day. So: I still think it's fun and I'd like to do it, but with the modification that I will post a new answer every day that I feel like it, which will be nowhere near 30 in 30 days. 30 in 6 months, maybe, though I can't promise even that. (ETA: I've also decided to change many of the questions, since there were some I didn't feel equipped to answer, and others I wanted to address that weren't present. Also, it's my blog, so I can pull crap like that!)

Having said all that, then, here's the first one!

When did you start wearing makeup?
I started wearing foundation and concealer in early high school, I think, but I didn't really get into makeup (in the sense of it being a daily ritual and outlet for my OCD) until a couple years ago. My approach to it has changed a lot, too; now I'm very careful about what I buy and do a lot of research beforehand, but I'm also more willing to spend more for higher-end products rather than just sticking to cheapie drugstore stuff (though I still love me some cheapie drugstore stuff!). I've gotten much better about knowing what I like to wear and not buying things that don't fit into that ethos, though there are some times that I can't help myself––fortunately, I have friends who are willing to take lots of the things I don't use, so at least I don't feel like they're completely wasted!

What about you? When did you start wearing makeup? I'd love to hear your stories!
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