Sunday, September 4, 2011

Survey Sunday Vol. 001

Because I know you were just dying for more alliterative-with-days-of-the-week weekly features, here is Survey Sunday.  I borrowed this particular survey from the lovely delicate hummingbird, tweaked somewhat at my whim (it's my blog, I can do those things!).  It's a play on the 7 deadly sins, but without the prescriptive behavior rules!

Greed: What's your cheapest beauty product?
Most of my beauty products are cheap, though it's less because I'm greedy with my money and more because I'm a grad student and just don't have money.  Probably the cheapest of the cheap is the Wet N Wild nail polish I got for $0.69 at Rite Aid awhile back.  That was a good day.

Expensive beauty products make me feel greedier, though; my $35 (though I paid $28!) Too Faced Natural Eye palette is the most expensive thing I have apart from my Clarisonic (I paid half of retail, but the price still makes me grimace...and reminds me that I really need to get around to reviewing it, my bad!).

Lust: What is your current most-wanted beauty product?
I have lots, though none that are incredibly pressing "have to have it NOW" types of things.  I would still love to play with the Urban Decay Naked palette, and right now I've really got a hankering for Korres lip butter in Wild Rose.  Le sigh.

Gluttony: What product tastes/smells the best to you?
I've come to discover that tastes and scents in beauty products actually matter quite a bit to me (hence the introduction of the "senses" score in the product's grade), and fortunately I have many products that make my mouth and nose happy.  I really like the Jordana Easyshines, because smelling and tasting pseudo-sweets is always awesome, and I love Jack Black in Grapefruit and Ginger––all I can smell is the grapefruit, and it is spot on.

Sloth: What beauty product are you too lazy for?
Liquid liner is one of those things I've never had the energy to try to learn, and let's not even go into false lashes.  Really, eye makeup in general is the first thing to go when I'm feeling lazy.  I'm fine with just curling my lashes and calling it a day.

Wrath: What beauty product causes you the most frustration?
The recent Wet N Wild Megalast eyeliner was seriously annoying, but I would say the most long-term thing that angers me is Nude Beach in the Too Faced palette.  I only ever try and use it infrequently, because every time I do, I end up so frustrated with the glitter all over my face that I swear not to make that mistake again.  It's the glaring exception to an otherwise perfect palette, and I'm still annoyed with it.  I also hate sticky lip glosses because my hair gets stuck in them and makes me grouchy.

Envy: What beauty product do you wish you had?
The new Silk Road Eye Kaleidoscope from Le Metier de Beaute is oh so pretty, and at $95, oh so not going to happen.  There are also several shades in the new Guerlain Rouge Automatique lipstick range that I would be happy owning and wearing (and, compared to the $46 price tag on their Rouge G line, $35 doesn't seem so bad!  Until I think about how much $35 actually is, and reality reenters).
This differs from "lust" in that I can actually see myself someday spending the money on the products I'm lusting after, but these products I'll just have to admire from afar.

Pride: What beauty product makes you feel prettiest/sexiest/most confident?
I definitely feel prettiest when I have lip color on, just to counteract the wan, anemic look my bare lips sometimes have, so I would probably say a sheer rose/berry lipstick.  In all honesty, though, I have yet to find my perfect match!

So, what about you?  What are your beauty 7 deadly sins?  Which one do you fall prey to most often?  Mine are definitely greed (always looking for a good deal), sloth (in a battle between eye makeup and an extra 15 minutes of sleep, sleep wins every time), and pride (I like feeling pretty!).  Share your thoughts in the comments :-)
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