Thursday, September 22, 2011

NYX Eyeshadow in Iced Mocha Review and Swatches

One of the NYX items I picked up while I was in New York was this eyeshadow, Iced Mocha.  It's reputed to be a dupe for MAC's Satin Taupe, and I've been hearing about it for ages, so I decided it was worth the $5.50 to try.  I've used it several times since purchasing (and before photographing, so it's not in pristine condition!), and I'm liking it!
Iced Mocha (I keep wanting to type Satin Taupe...)
The shadow comes in a cute quilted pattern, though as it's used, it gets swiped away.
It's soft without being powdery, so I'm able to easily pick up pigment, but don't end up with shadow all over the counter or under my eyes.  It's quite metallic, though less so over bare skin, but it's such a nice, neutral color that the effect is more illuminating than flashy.  Worn over my E.L.F. primer, it lasts all day; over the NYX Yogurt Jumbo Eye Pencil (review upcoming), it lasts 6+ hours before some creasing is evident.
Iced Mocha, over (left to right): bare skin, nude primer, NYX Yogurt pencil, E.L.F. Dawn

I like wearing it as a wash on my lid by itself, or combined with other neutral shades for a more complex eye.  

Here it is compared to the other taupes in my collection, all swatched twice over bare skin:
Iced Mocha is closest in color to E.L.F. Dawn, though that's a cream shadow; wearing them together results in a very intensely taupey eye that lasts all day.  It's clearly on the brown end of taupe, and one of the more shimmery options (enlarge for more detail).  

Do you need it?  If you don't have many neutral eyeshadows, or any taupes, definitely yes.  It's so neutral and wearable that anyone can pull it off, even those who don't generally wear makeup.  If you like taupes (like yours truly), also yes!  The biggest problem with it is that it's so hard to find for most people.  If you're in New York, go to Beauty 35 or Fragrance and Beauty Outlet (at 301 Madison, which is where I got my NYX).  If you're anywhere else, Cherry Culture, Nonpareil Boutique, and eBay are safe bets for online purchases (the former two are best if you're placing a larger order, and they frequently have sales on top of the already-discounted products, especially on NYX products.  If you want product suggestions, just ask; in spite of having not gotten much from them, I'm a walking encyclopedia of the general consensus of what's good and what's not––L can confirm this!), and Ulta carries it online, which would suggest some of their stores may have it as well.

$3.99-$5.50 for 0.11 oz, available from NYX, UltaCherry CultureNonpareil BoutiqueeBay, and other online retailers

Quality: 9
Effectiveness: 4.5 (supposed to "pack a color punch" and "last for many hours", both of which are truer when worn over a primer than bare skin)
Ease of Use: 5
Senses: 5 (no irritation)
Pigmentation: 4.5 (definitely shows up best over a primer)
Duration: 4.75
Consistency: 5
Price: 4 ($5.50 for one eyeshadow is steep to me, but they're available online for $3.99, which is much better, though you do have to order several to make the $5.95 shipping worthwhile)
Value: 5 (at 0.11 oz, they're more than twice the size of normal eyeshadow, so if you find a color you like, it's a fantastic deal)
Grade: A

What do you think of Iced Mocha?  Have you tried any NYX eyeshadows?  Comments create perfect taupes :-)!
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