Sunday, September 4, 2011

Degree Motion Sense Deodorant in Fresh Energy Review

I'm going to DC to visit the boyfriend in a week, and since I don't want to pay baggage fees, I'm having to figure out how to bring all my necessities in a quart-sized bag and small makeup pouch.  Fortunately, Target has mini-deodorants, so at least I'll be able to keep from sweating and smelling too bad without having to waste half my allotted space on it.  (I imagine some places don't require you to put your deodorant in your liquid baggie, but I like not to risk it!)  I'd read a review of Degree Motion Sense deodorant on one of my blogs (I don't remember which one, my apologies!) and added it to my to-try list, so I was thrilled that it was one of the small deodorants available at Target.  I've worn it for a few days now, and am thinking it may actually unseat my Secret...

image from Degree

I love miniature-size beauty products, and deodorant, while not nearly as fun or glamorous as lipgloss or perfume, is no exception.  It's just so portable and convenient, and for $0.97, the price is just right!  Beyond the adorable size and agreeable price, Degree Motion Sensed deodorant in Fresh Energy is actually a great product.  It keeps me sweat- and stink-free all day (we're talking 12-hour days in 85 degree heat [no humidity, but that's hot for me!]), and the scent is so subtle and mild that it doesn't compete with my other products, though I do find I have to apply a bit heavily to get good coverage.  Compared to the Secret deodorant, Degree is less prone to white crumbly build-up (which happens when I put on too much of the former) and the smell is less noticeable (so I'm not randomly smelling my deodorant through the day).  I haven't been able to find the full size, so I don't know how the price compares to the Secret, but the mini size should last me about a month; I'll update this post once I know how large and how much the full size is.

Have you tried Degree Motion Sense?  What's your favorite deodorant?
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