Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wet N Wild Color Icon Trio in We're Blasting Off (from the Dream Weavers Collection)

I've read a lot about Wet N Wild's limited edition collection, Dream Weavers, over the past few weeks.  They released several new shadow trios for the collection, and they've been somewhat hard to find in some places.  I've happened across a couple displays in the area, and one at Rite Aid had the only trio I was interested in, We're Blasting Off.  It looks very similar to the other trio I have, Silent Treatment, but there are enough differences that I'm glad to have both.  Not least because I got 40% off this palette, making it only $1.79!

We're Blasting Off (WBO) consists of a satin pink, black-maroon with magenta sparkles, and shimmery purple-leaning taupe.  
We're Blasting Off, top to bottom: browbone, crease, eyelid swatched over primer in sunlight

The pink is intended to be worn on the browbone, and while it looks far too pink to work that way, it applies pretty sheerly, and combines well with the other colors.
Browbone shade over primer in sunlight

The crease shade is almost like an eyeshadow version of Night Prowl.  It's extremely soft, so soft that barely tapping my brush on it gets too much product, so it's harder to work with and more prone to fall-out.  I find it's best to tap a brush as lightly as possible against it, then tap to remove excess product, before applying to my eye.  The downside of this is that most of the sparkle gets lost; if you're going for a bold, smokey nighttime look, you could apply it more heavily and blend less, which would keep the sparkle more intact.  I find I have to blend like mad to get this to be wearable for me, because otherwise it's too dark.  While it looks burgundy in the pan, on the eye it loses some of that and looks like a black-brown with sparkle.  The combination of soft texture and intense pigmentation means it's a more difficult shade for me, since I tend to like subtler looks.  I tried wearing it as an eyeliner, applied with a damp eyeshadow brush, but it's too soft and ends up all under my eyes.
Crease shade over primer in sunlight––pretty sparklies!

The lid shade is my favorite, as I'd expected.  It's a wonderfully pigmented cool taupe (though it's a little more rosy than I would normally think of for taupe) that has a nice texture, not too powdery, but still easy to get enough pigment.  It blends nicely, and I can see it being one of my favorites for easy eye looks.
Lid shade over primer in sunlight
All the shades wear all day over primer.

I also have some comparison swatches between WBO and Silent Treatment (ST).  Here's a picture of ST again, for your reference:
The browbone shades for the two palettes are entirely different, as to be expected; ST's is a peachy "nude" (nude for me, not nude for anyone much darker), while WBO's is a cool pink.
Silent treatment browbone shade on top, We're Blasting Off on bottom, on bare skin in sunlight

The crease shades are very different when swatched, though they look quite similar in the pan:
ST crease shade on top, WBO on bottom, on bare skin in sunlight
You can see that ST is much less pigmented than WBO, and also seems to be more neutral (less of a burgundy-brown tone than WBO).

The lid shades are pretty similar, though ST's is more brown while WBO's is more purple, and the latter is more pigmented and smoother:
ST lid shade on top, WBO on bottom, on bare skin in sunlight

So, you probably don't need both palettes.  I prefer We're Blasting Off, because the quality is overall better, though I do wish the crease shade didn't have such a soft texture.  If you can't find WBO, Silent Treatment is also a good option, and is less cool so would work on a wider range of skintones (I think).  Here's an eye look I did with WBO:
WBO applied as directed with Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner in Strong Slate and Essence mascara on upper lash(line), in sunlight
Same swatch in indirect light
The eye looks above are after intense layering and toning down of the crease shade, and you can still see it's pretty dark.  For those who like bolder eyes, or who have darker skin, the crease shade would be easier to work with (and could look much darker than it does on me).

Here's one last shot of comparison swatches of WBO and ST (the latter is the upper variant):

$2.99 for 0.12 oz, available from drugstores and wherever Wet N Wild is sold (though availability may vary from place to place, since it is limited edition)

Quality: 8.75
Effectiveness: 4.75
Ease of Use: 4.5 (the problems with the crease shade bring this score down)
Senses: 4.75 (fall-out from the crease shade is annoying)
Pigmentation: 5
Duration: 5
Consistency: 4.25 (again, the crease shade is too soft, which makes it hard to work with, and the browbone shade could be a leetle bit softer)
Price: 5 ($2.99 for 3 eyeshadows is great)
Value: 4.75
Grade: A

Have you tried any of the palettes from the Dream Weavers collection?  What do you think of We're Blasting Off?  Do you like it or Silent Treatment better?
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