Friday, September 16, 2011

Fragrance Friday: Dolce & Gabbana L'Eau The One and DKNY Women Mini Reviews

For a summary of Fragrance Friday and an introduction to the basics of perfume, see here.

DKNY Women
DKNY Women
image from DKNY
This opens with vibrant citrus, and dries down to about the same, but with more grassy, green notes (I can definitely smell the vine-ripe tomato leaves), which makes it smell like a freshly-cut bouquet with lots of leafy greens.  Since so many of the notes are light citrus, the scent does not last very long, only a couple of hours.  If you like bright citrus and fresh greens and don't mind the hassle of reapplying, consider checking out DKNY Women at Sephora (they have the current exclusive).
$36 for 1 oz, $50 for 1.7 oz, $68 for 3.4 oz, available at Sephora
D&G L'eau The One
L'Eau The One
image from Dolce & Gabbana
I really liked The One in its original eau de parfum form, but hadn't tried the eau de toilette version until I got this vial, and hadn't really experimented with it until wearing it for this review.  I do still like it, but it's quite heavy and not complex enough to really keep my interest.  According to the fragrance pyramid, it opens with peach and mandarin, though honestly, those notes are drowned by the heavier floral heart notes and intense base notes, including musk, moss, amber, and vetiver.  It's also a little too sweet and cloying, though it dries down to being less so, and don't let that stop you from giving it a sniff the next time you're near a perfume counter––though I'd suggest waiting til the weather cools down so the season is better suited to the fragrance!
$64 for 1.6 oz, $87 for 2.5 oz, available at Sephora, Amazon (for cheaper), and department stores

Have you tried either of these perfumes?  What did you think?
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