Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sinful Colors Nail Polish in All About You Review and Swatches

All About You is the sheerest, wateriest of all the Sinful shades I got.  It's a gold and copper foil (when built up enough) that shimmers and glows in the light.  It reminds me of a candle (but without the risk of getting burnt!).
All About You

This is one that's definitely best layered, since on its own it's very sheer, in part because the texture is so thin and watery.
2 coats All About You over Scotch tape in indirect sunlight

1 coat All About You over 2 coats Wet N Wild Black Creme over Scotch tape (the light from the blue sky makes the bronzey particles less evident)

2 coats All About You over 2 coats Black Creme
You can see that one coat of All About You over Black Creme is enough to give even coverage and sparkle, whereas 2 coats on its own is sheer and uneven.  I painted my nails with it to test for wear, and it took 4 coats for me to get a level of opacity and evenness that I was okay with, though there was still a bit of VNL (visible nail line), and the coverage at the tips was not quite what I would have liked.

4 coats All About You with base and top coats in sunlight

Same swatch, out of focus to show glowy lightness

Same swatch in shade/indirect sunlight––it's so reflective, it's almost mirror-like!

The color is really gorgeous and warm and festive, and I can definitely see it being worth the trouble to wear alone for a special occasion.  The copper sparkles make it multi-dimensional and more interesting than your average gold nail polish.  Overall, though, I would say this is definitely a color best used for layering.  Worn on its own (with base and top coats, I mean), it lasts 3+ days with very minimal tip wear and no chips.  I haven't been wearing it longer than that, though, so I can't say how long it's actually good for; I'll update this post once I know.

Overview (I'm grading it based on its performance as a standalone shade)
$1.99 for 0.50 oz, available at drugstores

Quality: 8
Effectiveness: 2.5 (as a layering polish, it's great, but on its own it's lacking)
Ease of Use: 2 (4 coats when worn alone, and still not opaque, not to mention the hassle of removal, but for layering it's easy peasy...until you have to get it off)
Senses: 5 (it's very smooth when worn with 1 coat top coat)
Pigmentation: 2 (did I mention that 4 coats wasn't even enough?)
Duration: 3.5
Consistency: 2 (so watery)
Price: 4.5
Value: 5
Grade: D+/C-

I love the color, but the formula sucks.  The grade for it used as a layering polish would be more like a B or B+, so if that's the way you're intending to use it, it's a good choice.  And that's probably how I'm going to use it in the future!

What do you think of All About You?  Have you tried it?  How do you feel about watery polishes?
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