Friday, September 2, 2011

Wet N Wild Wild Shine Lip Lacquer in 922 Enamored and 923 Rapture Review and Swatches

I picked these up last week when Rite Aid had their 40% off Wet N Wild sale in the hopes that they could be HG material for me and the mother.  They're normally $2.99 each, and are quite generously sized for a shiny, slim lipstick, at 0.11 oz (compare to the Jordana Easyshines' 0.07 oz, and the normal lipstick average of 0.14).  I got two: Enamored, a light frosty pink, and Rapture, a shiny berry-red.  I'd hoped they would be on the sheerer side of things, since I find those much easier to wear than more opaque lipsticks.  Following are my thoughts.
923 Rapture (on the left) and 922 Enamored (on the right)

one swipe of Enamored (top) and Rapture (bottom) in sunlight
I got the red for my mother, since it looked warm enough for her to wear.  It's very pigmented, definitely on the opaque end of the spectrum, and is so warm that it makes her teeth look yellow.  I tried it on myself, and the color works better on me, but the opacity is too much for me to want to keep it.
blurry lip swatch of Rapture in sunlight

Rapture in shade/indirect sunlight

The pink one I got in the hopes that it would add a nice glaze to my lips, for a very natural MLBB.  Sadly, it, too, is very pigmented, which means it gives me frosty light pink lips (or, as I think of them, "zombie lips").  Not a flattering look on me.
Enamored in sunlight

Enamored in shade/indirect sunlight

The texture of both is quite pleasant and glides on easily.  It's not very long-lasting, though; I get less than an hour from the darker shade (even less than that from the pink) before I've got nothing left on my lips.  I think it may also dry them out a little, which isn't ideal.

And, while the pigmentation is more than I wanted, I can't knock points off for that, since it's not advertised as being sheer (I was just hoping that it was!).  The fact that it doesn't last and dries my lips out makes this a less-than-decent lipstick.  Another thing to note that's irritating: the shade name is only printed on the plastic that's wrapped around the lipstick (and that you promptly throw away), leaving only a number on the bottom of the tube for identification.  I would definitely prefer that they abandon the numbering entirely, and just give us shade names––so much easier to remember!

$2.99 for 0.11 oz, available at drugstores/wherever Wet N Wild is sold

Quality: 7
Effectiveness: 3 (supposed to give shiny, opaque color while moisturizing, but the moisturizing and high-shine claims fall short)
Ease of Use: 4.5 (darker one needs to be applied with a mirror)
Senses: 4.25 (dries out lips)
Pigmentation: 5
Duration: 2.5
Consistency: 4.5
Price: 4.5
Value: 4.5 (if you like the shades)
Grade: C+

Have you tried any of the Wild Shine lip lacquers?  What did you think?
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