Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mini Mid-Trip Post

I'm still in DC, but I thought I should post some photos and updates of my trip!  I won't bore you with all the details, but here's a few pictures and some notes.
The Chili Cheeseburger from Ben's Chili Bowl, where we went after a night out (drinking and socializing always makes me ravenous); it's right next to the U Street Metro and they're open til 4 am.  Their cheese fries are unbelievable.  I don't usually like cheese sauce, but something about theirs was just so delicious.  You should definitely get them if you're ever in the area.

The Washington Monument, en route to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

The Museum of American History building, also en route to MNH––I took this picture because the building is really strikingly ugly.

This quote is from the feature they had on racism at the MNH.  It was really interesting and I highly recommend going.

I just loved that this was a "Soul Saving Station".  I passed this church on my way to the Megabus station where I took the bus up to New York.

It wasn't my first time by any means, so I didn't need to see Times Square or the Statue of Liberty or Central Park or most of the other big things people go to New York to see.  My main reason for going was to visit L and Z (and it was so awesome to get to see them), and since I managed to accomplish that, so everything else was just gravy.  

Knowing me, though, you can probably guess what I spent my spare time doing (besides getting lost, even with my new fancy smart phone––but less frequently than I would have otherwise!): eating and looking at makeup.   I'd read about Wafels and Dinges, a "chain" of food carts that sell Belgian liege waffles with various toppings throughout the city (they're stationary in Central Park, but their other trucks change location daily, so to check where they are you can follow them on Twitter at @Waffletruck), and who am I to try to say no to sweet, caramelized dough with my choice of toppings?  Naturally, I didn't even try.  I got lots of weird looks from passers-by, but with that deliciousness in hand, they couldn't even begin to daunt me!
How can you resist that?!

After I gorged myself on that monstrosity, L and I went to a store that had NYX makeup, Discount Fragrance and Perfume store on Madison Ave. between 41st and 42nd (near Grand Central Station), because I'd read that they sold NYX makeup there.  Now, I don't know if you've heard of NYX, but it's very popular in the beauty blogging world for being a company that makes good-quality makeup in a huge range of colors and products, for low prices.  The downside?  It's practically impossible to find in most of the US.  The main avenue of acquisition is the internet, but I don't really like buying things sight-unseen, so I was determined to go to this store and check out their selection.  And oh, what a selection (damnit, past me, why didn't you snap a picture? Besides the security guard, I mean).  The prices were, unfortunately, higher than if I'd been buying online, but the ability to see and, in some cases swatch, in person, made it worth the extra cost.  I walked away with only 3 things, though I'm sure I don't need to tell you I wanted more than that!  I'll be swatching and reviewing them after I get home next week.

I'm planning on going to Filene's Basement and the Sephora in Friendship Heights tomorrow to look for cheap clothes and ogle pretty makeup, respectively, and I'm hoping to convince the boy to come with me to the art museum on Sunday.  Then I fly home on Monday and start orientation on Tuesday––should be a busy week!

What are your weekend plans?  How has your week gone?  Have you been to Wafels and Dinges or Ben's Chili Bowl?
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