Thursday, May 19, 2011

How I Try to Not Smell Bad

I've been going through a pretty severe bout of Swat Guilt: the guilt that comes from not doing work.  This is in spite of the fact that I have no work to be doing.  I fear it's a feeling that may never go away, much like herpes, or glitter (the herpes –> glitter thought process comes from this: Demetri Martin.  The whole thing is worth watching if you've never seen it, but the relevant portion is from 0:05-0:25).  Anyways.  I figured I would get a start on reviewing some of the stuff I use and love, so that I can at least feel productive.  I would be packing, but I don't actually have any boxes, which kind of gets in the way of that plan.

Starting with the most mundane of products: deodorant.  It's one product that I, somewhat counterintuitively, do not like spending money on.  I sweat, a lot, and rely on deodorant to keep me from smelling.  Not to mention, it lasts a long time.  And yet, I see the new Dove deodorants and think, "$5 for a deodorant?! Are you kidding me?"  Fortunately, I discovered a great cheap option when my grandmother sent me deodorant in one of my weekly care packages (not really sure what she was trying to tell me).  It's the Secret pH balanced invisible solid, at Target for less than $3.  I use the shower fresh scent, though that's mostly out of habit than true scent preference.  It lasts all day, even when I'm super sweaty and gross. You don't want to use too much, or else it will get pilly, and it's not fantastic for black clothing (I'm still looking for a deodorant that I can wear when I go clothes shopping and not have to be paranoid about leaving white streaks behind), but for everyday wear, it works, it lasts, and it smells nice but not overpowering.  Give it a try if you're still looking for a good, cheap choice!

I wear perfume pretty much every day, usually sprayed down my cleavage; it's something that makes me happy whenever I catch a whiff, and it helps cut down on any b.o. I may have.  My summer go-to is Chanel Chance eau fraiche:
It smells delicious, very light and green and fresh.  I highly recommend giving it a sniff the next time you're in a department store!  I find it lasts about 6 hours on me before I feel I should reapply, a little less if it's a really hot and muggy day.  I'm almost out of my current bottle, which makes me super sad, because it is not cheap (I do get the smaller size [1.7 oz], though, because $65 is more palatable than $90).  But it's one of those things that I will find a way to afford, because I get immeasurable enjoyment from it.

My winter perfume is more variable, but for most of this past winter, I wore Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.  I got a sample from Sephora and loved it, but couldn't justify buying a bottle ($100 for the same amount as my Chanel--oogh).  Then I discovered that they have a travel set for much cheaper, $29 for 0.75 oz, so I picked that up with a Sephora gift card I got at Christmas.  It doesn't come with a spray bottle, but I ordered one off of eBay for $5 or so and just poured it in there, et voila! 

Not as pretty as the actual bottle, but that wasn't why I was getting it (though those who want something to display on their vanity may not like my solution).  It smells lovely on--very floral (as the name would suggest), romantic, deep but not dark.  You can see I'm running low, though I actually have most of the .25 oz bottle left that I may pour into the spray bottle if it gets too low.

And that's that!  What are your favorite perfumes?  Anyone else really adore their deodorant, or is that just a me thing?
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