Sunday, July 31, 2011

Meow Cosmetics Founders Day Sale!

I've talked a fair bit about Meow Cosmetics (click on the "Meow Cosmetics" tag on the right to go to all my posts about them), and I'm happy to announce that their best sale of the year is going on for the next week+!  Use the code "WildRide" to get free shipping and 25% off your entire order.  I've loved pretty much everything I've tried from them, and I highly recommend taking this opportunity to order anything you're interested in!  Shipping will probably be pretty slow, but if you order soon (before they get too inundated) they should be able to process your order faster.  The longest it's ever taken for one of my orders to arrive is 10 business days to the west coast (after their 4th of July sale), but if you're on the east coast it will almost certainly arrive well before then.  Happy shopping!
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