Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wet N Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow in Pixie Review and Swatches

I am a fundamentally lazy person, and the idea of being able to sweep an eyeshadow pencil over my lid and be done is immensely appealing.  Walgreens was having a sale on Wet N Wild and I decided to pick up the WNW creme eye shadow pencil and see if it could be my one-stop-shop solution for early mornings.
Image from
inside light; bottom to top: 1 swipe, 4 swipes, blended
Same swatches in cloudy light
Partially sunny
The color is a lovely shimmery beige, perfect for lighting up the eye without being overwhelming.  The texture is nice–soft and blendable.  The problem?  Creasing.  Even over a primer, topped with powder (which, btw, is far more effort than I really want to put forth for a cream eyeshadow pencil), it creases within a couple of hours.  Do not want!  For $1.50, I realize I shouldn't expect too much, but still.  I want my makeup to work, darnit!  Maybe I'll actually have to spring for the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencils...but $20 is so much more than I want to spend!  Alas.

Pros: Easy application, nice blendability, pretty color
Cons: Creasing, fading

Quality: 5.5
Effectiveness: 2 (supposed to give "high-impact, light-infused color that lasts for hours", but it definitely doesn't last long enough)
Ease of Use: 3 (if I want it to last, at all, I have to put on primer, then this, then powder, which is not my idea of easy!)
Senses: 5 (on the upside, it doesn't irritate my eyes)

Pigmentation: 4.5
Duration: 1.5
Consistency: 4
Price: 5
Value: 2 (pretty much a waste of money since I'll never use it, and that $1.50 could have gone towards something else!  Like another Meow blush sample, yum)
Grade: D

What about you?  Have you used Wet N Wild's Idol Eyes?  What did you think?
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