Sunday, July 31, 2011

Local Produce and Target Goodies

Summer has officially arrived in the Pacific Northwest, and today I went on a little excursion with Nana and Papa to some local farms to stock up on produce (something they do at least once a week, but I haven't been in ages).  Some of the yummies we came home with:
Clockwise from top left: corn, lambert cherries, cantaloupe, string beans, pea pods, apricots, tomatoes, kiwis, bing cherries
Add this to the blueberries, marionberries, plums, and nectarines we already had, and you can get an idea of the wealth of riches available in the summertime in Oregon :)

I also jaunted over to Target while I was out with the intention of getting some canvas sneakers (on sale this week for $8), and ended up buying three things––none of which were the sneakers.  My no-buy ended with my birthday, and I went to Freddy's yesterday to pick up a couple of things from Essence that I'll be reviewing later this week, and then I got distracted by the makeup section at Target today...methinks I need to instate another no-buy!
Clockwise from top: e.l.f. primer set, Sonia Kashuk makeup bag, Sonia Kashuk contour brush
A lot of stuff in the makeup section is on clearance sale for half-off, so I grabbed a couple things from Sonia Kashuk.  I loved the pattern of the makeup bag, and thought it would come in very handy when I start school again this fall and have to be away from home for a few hours/don't have time to apply in the morning.  Here it is opened up (it has two clear pockets, which you can't really see, since they're transparent and all):
The makeup brush is similar to my E.L.F. powder brush (both flat-topped) but I intend to use it as my bronzer brush (currently using the same brush for foundation and bronzer, which is not ideal for me).  There was also a small E.L.F. display with several back-to-school palettes and such, including a set of eyeshadow primers!  I've been worrying what I'll do when my current tube of primer runs out, since I use it more often now with swatching, and was thrilled to get to try 3 for $3.  I'll test them for wear and to see how they differ and write a post about them later this week, yay!  I'm hoping I love them so that I can go back to Target and get another set or two, and while there maybe actually get those shoes...

Dinner tonight is steelhead trout, caught by my neighbor, topped with a lemon-ginger puree, with wild rice, fresh salad, corn (the corn pictured above, in fact!), and wine, eaten outside in the shade.  I'll be missing this when winter comes and the sun hides for a few months!

What did you have for dinner?  How's the produce sitch where you live?  What do you think of the goodies from Target?
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