Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ole Henriksen Fresh Lips SPF 15 Review

Yet another entry in the Sephora Sun Kit series, this one has the distinction of being something besides a moisturizer/sunscreen!  I've proclaimed my deep and abiding love of Jack Black lip balms, which have SPF 25, so I didn't really need the full-size Ole Henriksen lip balm that came with the kit, but I'm happy to review it nonetheless!
Fresh Lips SPF 15
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So, the scoop: it's a generously-sized 0.50 oz for $15 if bought alone, rather tacky (in texture, not class!) lip balm with SPF 15 and a slight tingle.  It's clear, but very shiny on the lips.  I find it to be a good choice as a pre-lipstick treatment, because a) it doesn't last very long, so most of it is gone by the time I want to apply any lip products (about 15 minutes after brushing my teeth, usually), and b) the tacky texture means that lipsticks adhere well to the remnants on my lips.  As an overall lip balm, though, I'm not a fan.  It doesn't last long enough for me, and the moisturizing properties don't extend beyond the wear of the balm, and have I mentioned the tackiness?  My hair has a tendency to get stuck to it, hard, if I wear it out and about.

Price: 7 ($15 for a lip balm is steeeeeep, but you can find it on eBay for ~$10)
Value: 7 (you get twice as much as with Jack Black, but it costs twice as much, too, and the quality is not nearly the same!)
Quality: 7 (it doesn't dry my lips out further, which is good, I guess, and it works pretty well as a lip primer)
Ease of Use: 5
Pigmentation: 4.5 (none to speak of, though the shininess is rather much)
Duration: 3 (Gone in half an hour, Schade!)
Consistency: 3.5 (Sticky!)
Grade: C

Do you need it?  No.  You need Jack Black.  But I've managed to find a way to use it, though not necessarily how it was intended, so at least I don't feel like it was a total waste!

Have you ever used Ole Henriksen's Fresh Lips?  What did you think of it?
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