Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF 15 with Dermaxyl Complex Review

I'm on a Sun Safety Kit roll!  I realized there's still several products from there that I haven't reviewed yet, and a few that I haven't even tried, so I'll try and remedy that.  I was excited to see that the kit came with a mini Smashbox Photo Finish with Dermaxyl primer, because Smashbox's primer is popular in the beauty world (admittedly, the famous ones are Photo Finish and Photo Finish Light, but I was happy to get a chance to try anything from their line, and who can complain about SPF?), and because, with my oily skin, I try and take any help I can get at prolonging the wear of my makeup.

Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF 15 With Dermaxyl Complex To Go
Photo from Sephora.com
Sadly, the mediocre reviews on MUA were borne out by my experience.  I don't have a sensitivity to silicones (one of the few things that doesn't break me out, strangely), but for those who do, Smashbox's primers are definitely not the way to go (and some people just don't like the feel of silicone on their face, though I kind of enjoy the weird wet feeling it gives as it's being spread).  Even so, it just didn't work for me.  In fact, it made my oiliness worse and shortened the wear time of my foundation.  I like that it has SPF, but there are many other better products out there with the same that don't wreck my makeup.  Maybe Photo Finish Light, designed for oily skin, would work better for me, though honestly, putting another layer on my face that doesn't even have SPF just doesn't appeal to me.  The fact that it's $17 for 0.5 oz (or $42 for 1 oz, and no, I have no idea why it is more expensive per ounce when you buy more, that's just ridiculous) doesn't make it any better, needless to say.

Pros: SPF, makes skin feel (weirdly) silky-smooth
Cons: Makes me oily, doesn't prolong makeup, expensive

Have you used Photo Finish primer?  Or any kind of primer?  What did you think?
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