Friday, July 29, 2011


Today is my birthday!  I am officially 22.  Weird.  Anyways, there's already been a post today that I wrote and scheduled yesterday, but I also wanted to share a couple links to other blogs from the past few days that I found entertaining and/or useful:

Eyebrow shading on Messy Wands:
   This is an extremely helpful, detailed tutorial for how to shade your eyebrows, with beautiful pictures and Messy Wands' signature wit and insight.  I'll talk about her blog more in a future bloglove post, but for now: Go read!  She's funny, she's smart, she's got impeccable style, and she focuses on the high-end things I can't afford (and makes me want them so badly).

Too Faced Shadow Insurance review by Elvira on Pink Sith:
    I've never used TFSI myself, but I love this post for the numerous acronyms she comes up with for common beauty afflictions, and how incredibly accurate they are for my life.  These include "makeup is always greener dysfunction", which is the urge to try other products even when you love the ones you have, and "beautyblogitis", which is the side effect of reading beauty blogs––you want to buy everything!  There are a few more, and it's very entertaining to read her explanations of them.  Of course, now I've got a lemming for TFSI...damn you, beautyblogitis!

And, last but not least, a post from Shannon at Lipstick Musings on why you should never buy things you haven't fully researched:
    Always such a bummer!  Posts like this, however, are a good antidote to beautyblogitis.

I hope you're having a lovely Friday, and that you've got something exciting planned for the weekend (even if it's just taking a nap––in my world, that is very exciting)!
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