Friday, July 29, 2011

mark Save the Day Anti-Acne Concealer Stick Review and Swatches

Rounding out the skin-helping trio I got from Mark (previous posts were on their gel cleanser and clay mask) is their Save the Day concealer with salicylic acid, designed to help fight blemishes while concealing them.  I can't really say that I've seen dramatic improvement in my blemishes when wearing it, but I can speak to its effectiveness as a concealer, so that's what I'll focus on in this review.
Save the Day (StD, lolz) comes in 4 shades: Ivory/Nude, Buff/Natural, Honey/Golden, and Almond/Mocha (I have no idea why they all have 2 names).  Naturally, I picked the lightest, which is still not quite light enough, but close enough for it to suffice (especially in the summertime, when I'm tanner).
StD; blended (top) and unblended (bottom); the yellow tones should work to cancel out redness (also, the underside of my arm is the lightest skin on my body [except maybe my stomach, since some of us don't live near swimable beaches], so the concealer is closer in color to the skin on my face than it looks here)
It comes in stick form, and is quite creamy.  I tend to apply it directly to the spots that need concealing, but you could also put it on your finger first and then on your face, or use a brush.  My biggest problem with it is that it doesn't like to spread and still cover; whenever I try and blend, I inevitably end up moving it from where I want it, negating the whole point of using concealer in the first place.  Second-biggest problem: it only lasts a few hours before it starts to get cakey.  If the color were more perfect, I wouldn't need to blend so much and it wouldn't be a problem, but that's not the case.  Since I started wearing mineral makeup, I've discovered how much better mineral concealers work for me (another post on that to come!), but for those who wear liquid foundation, the mark. may be worthwhile.  I'm not crazy about it, and I'm sure there are better options out there, but I haven't really used any others so I cannot recommend any.

$8 for 0.06 oz, available from mark

Price: 7.5
Value: 6.5 (0.06 oz is really not much; even high-end are at least 0.07, and drugstores are more than 0.1, and at $8, it's more expensive than most options from the drugstore; I have also had it for 8 or 9 months and not used it all, which is less a testament to how much is given as it is a sign of how infrequently I use it)
Quality: 7.5
Ease of Use: 4 (needs blending!)
Pigmentation: 5 (very pigmented, though it sadly doesn't match my skin)
Duration: 3 (only lasts ~4 hours before it needs to be touched up)
Consistency: 4.5
Grade: C

What's your favorite concealer?
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