Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oregon Ducks Manicure

I'm a graduate student at the University of Oregon, in Eugene. I tell you this because this post is intimately tied to that part of my identity. Last week, the state board of education terminated the contract of the UO's president, Richard Lariviere, saying he wasn't enough of a "team player" and his efforts to make the UO a self-sustaining economic entity, apart from the (very, very broken) state funding system were undermining the other colleges in Oregon. This is patently absurd, of course––I'm baffled how anyone could think that the improvement of one school must come at the detriment of others (especially if, as is the case here, the one school helps subsidize the others). The campus community, as well as Eugene at large (and many state politicians, actually), has not taken the news well, and the members of the board, the chancellor, and the governor are the target of much ire. There have been rallies, petitions, and meetings, but as of Monday, the board voted to oust Lariviere come Dec. 28, at which time the UO will, apparently, have no president. The sense of frustration and sadness that I get from how events have played out cannot be overstated, and I considered writing a post on here about all of it, but ultimately decided that would be a little too "beyond" the "beauty" purpose of the blog. So I decided to paint my nails green and yellow so I'd have an excuse to write about this, while still keeping true to the spirit of the blog. Not to mention it was a great procrastinating tool!

I put 2 coats of Wet N Wild Caribbean Frost (which is actually a teal, but looks very green on me) over Sally Hansen Hard as Nails base coat, and topped it with two coats of NYX Salon Gold Glitter (a flaky gold glitter, full review to come), sealing it all off with Out the Door fast drying top coat. I'm actually really pleased with how it turned out! I like how the gold and green play together, and I think it's a fun way to wear my school colors without having to go for neon yellow and grass green. I wore my green and yellow UO sweatshirt today, too, and felt very much a part of the campus community. GO DUCKS!
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