Tuesday, November 22, 2011

theBalm at TJ Maxx: Deals and Steals to the Max(x) (I hate myself)

I was feeling the need to check and see if TJ Maxx had gotten another shipment of theBalm products, since every time I've gone on the weekend there's been nothing, and lo and behold: oodles and oodles of theBalm holiday sets and individual products (though not the one I've been particularly lemming, namely Cabana Boy blush).  I snapped some crappy pictures for y'all (you're welcome):
A whole load of makeup kits from theBalm, ranging from eye to face to lip kits, with some combos thrown in for good measure

Shady Lady eyeshadow palettes, Vol. 1, 2, and 3, each a mere $12.99 each, $39.50 normally. If you like eyeshadow and enjoy pops of color (unlike some people who only wear neutrals, *cough*), this is an absolutely unbelievable deal. 

4 full-size lip products! I was so tempted to get this, but then I remembered I hated the sample of Stainiac that I got, and I don't really like or wear lip gloss, so that would basically be $25 down the drain. But it's a fantastic deal for those who would be able to make use of the products!

Close-up of the Green Eye Kit (as in, the kit for people with green eyes, not the kit with green eyeshadow...I was confused by this for a bit), which comes with Overshadow loose mineral shadow, 2 Shady Lady eyeshadows (I can't remember exactly which ones, sorry!), Balms Away makeup remover, and Cheater mascara

And my favorite Balmbini palette!

There were other kits and sets available too, including a bunch for skincare (I was also tempted by the Clear Skies Ahead kit for combo/acne-prone skin, but decided my skin is too unpredictable to risk the $23), several nail polish sets, and some super-cute pouches with nail, lip, and eye/cheek products (some had Betty Lou-Manizer, others had eyeshadow).

I picked up the "You're Giving Me a Complexion" set because I've been wanting a new liquid foundation/tinted moisturizer, and thought the other products sounded promising, too.  I opted for the Light option, only to discover upon opening it at home that all of the products were Medium (2 shades down from what I needed!).  Extremely annoyed, I did the 20 minute trip back to TJ's to see if they had a light kit that actually had light products, and after establishing that the moisturizer and TimeBalm were both as they were supposed to be, exchanged it for another.  Of course, upon getting home, I realized that the Liquid TimeBalm concealer was Nude, not Fair like the box had claimed, so it's a shade darker than I was promised (boo, hiss), but I'm going to continue playing around with the products to try and get them to work for me.  The TimeBalm Tinted Moisturizer in Light (which is the lightest it comes in, though it's only a small 3-shade range) is still a bit dark for me, but I'm going to try cutting it with moisturizer to see if I can't sheer it out and make it wearable.  Fingers crossed!  I'll write full reviews of everything after I've gotten the chance to wear it all more, but if you're interested in any of these products/kits, get to a TJ Maxx soon, because I don't know how long they'll last!  Just be sure to open the packages and check the contents to save yourself some misery.
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